Meder Beauty Science
Meder Beauty Science

Advanced anti-ageing treatments for real and lasting results – perfection for professionals.

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Welcome to the world of Meder Beauty

The specialists in non-invasive transdermal rejuvenation facial treatments and result-oriented premium homecare.

10 May

New Sight of Beauty International Conference for aesthetic professionals.

Ageing is not defined by facial wrinkles only, some people have none to speak of and still don’t look young. Some patients are disappointed even by a successful wrinkle correction—it didn’t bring back...

13 Jan
Danish award

Meder Beauty Science participates in Danish Beauty Awards 2015

We participate this year in the most prestigious competition in Denmark. Meder Beauty Science has some of the industry's most efficient, innovative and unique treatments and products. Meder Beauty Science...

14 Nov

Meder Beauty Science in USA now!

Welcome Meder Beauty USA...