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In the recent years Meder Beauty Science Equa-Derm cream has been rightfully praised as one of the most effective care solutions for oily skin. Meder Beauty Science pioneered prebiotic therapy for problem skin as early as 2013, successfully introducing prebiotic Bioecolia for the restoration of the skin’s ecological microbiome. Thanks to avocutin, extracted from avocado pulp, Equa-Derm reduced the sebum production by 30% in the first few weeks of application making the skin more matte and healthy looking. Indian tamarind seed extract has anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties, while also acting as a prebiotic helps the development of normalising microflora on the skin.

The upgraded formulation of Equa-Derm cream contains a new ingredient, the extract of a very rare mushroom called Agarikon (Fomes officinalis). Today many microbiologists and virologists pin their hopes onto Agarikon in their quest to find an effective remedy for the particularly resistant forms of severe infections. Agarikon extract helps conquer severe and chronic skin inflammation in acne patients due to its ability to suppress the development of bacteria that have become resistant to antibiotics as a result of previous, unsuccessful treatments. Agarikon’s ability to affect the structures of parasympathetic nervous system in the skin is quite unique. Chronically oily skin almost always has wide pores, too: it is a manifestation of a particular condition, called vegetative vascular dystonia (VVC), constantly preserving the skin and muscles in a state characteristic for deep sleep. Agarikon effectively raises the skin from its sleep, restoring the healthy microcirculation and drainage, increasing its elasticity, tightening pores, smoothing out the skin’s surface and eliminating the characteristic spongy look.

The new version of Equa-Derm cream for oily skin will make the skin matte, calm and smooth in the first 2–3 weeks of use. The key here, as always with acne, is consistent daily use.

Who should use Equa-Derm cream?

Equa-Derm Cream is designed specially for men and women with problem skin, including the skin suffering from mild to severe inflammation. We also recommend using Ed7 to provide normalising care for uneven, porous skin with wide pores and to treat post-acne skin changes.

How to use Equa-Derm Cream

Apply Equa-Derm Cream twice a day, morning and night. For best results combine with Meder Beauty Science cleanser and serum, and Eu-Seb concentrate.   

Results: matte, smooth and healthy looking skin in a few weeks of regular use.


Antibiotics, topical solutions containing retinol, antiseptics (benzoic acid derivatives, benzoyl peroxide, alcohol, etc) and various acids (including glycolic acid and salicylic acid) may tamper with the effect of prebiotic therapy! Equa-Derm Cream, as well as other Meder Beauty Science prebiotic solutions, is incompatible with all of the above.




Meder Beauty Science has updated the bestselling anti-age mask, Arma-Lift. Even more effective and now fragrance-free!

The key active ingredient remains unchanged: Epidermal Growth Factor is a signalling peptide able to re-establish and enhance the skin’s regeneration, increase the synthesis of all primary structural elements and improve cellular communication in the skin. Ageing is believed by many to lead to the accumulation of damage from stress, pollution, UV exposure and other factors, and almost always pigmentation disturbances begin to develop with age.

With that in mind, we include alpha arbutin, a very powerful and at the same time safe brightening ingredient. Hyaluronic acid of various molecular weights moisturises, soothes and stimulates the skin, making the overall effect of Arma-Lift mask a perfect combination of moisturising and lifting.

What’s New

The new version of Arma-Lift mask affects facial muscles as well as the skin thanks to a new ingredient in the formulation, arginine. As many would already know, arginine is an amino acid which oxygenises the muscles and restores their tone and elasticity. Facial muscles lose muscle tone with age, but the use of arginine helps make them stronger and thicker, restoring the facial contour and shape.

It is now known, that the key factor in age-related skin dryness is the change in the expression of certain genes in the skin cells. As it turns out, this process can be affected by a small doze of urea, also known as carbamide. Urea stimulates the syntheses of all primary proteins in the epidermis and of antimicrobial peptides in the keratinous layer, restoring the skin’s natural protection and making it smooth and moisturised.

Carrageenan, extracted from an alga called Chondrus Crispus, is combined with natural Japanese polysaccharide Pullulan to create a delicate hydrating film layer on the skin surface. This film retains moisture on the skin surface, while also restoring the skin’s natural microbiome. An added moisturising action is provided by Allantoin which, at the same time, enhances the restoration and regeneration of the skin soothing it, reducing redness and sensitivity, smoothing out the skin’s surface and reducing the damage caused by UV exposure.

The upgraded Arma-Lift mask provides an instant lifting and refreshing effect combined with deep hydration of the skin and therapeutic rejuvenating effect.

We have also made an important choice to remove fragrance from the mask’s active gel in order to further minimise the risk of allergic reaction. Fragrance-free masks can be used after all kinds of medical procedures without any discomfort for the patients.

Who should use Arma-Lift mask?

Arma-Lift mask will be beneficial for the people who prefer a younger look and do not want to tolerate age-related skin changes. There is no need, however, to start using Arma-Lift mask before the actual changes start appearing. We recommend Arma-Lift mask to the customers who are older than 40–45 and are concerned with objective signs of skin ageing.

However, there are no age restrictions when Arma-Lift mask is used for the skin restoration after chemical peel, laser resurfacing and other aesthetic treatments. In these cases, we recommend using Arma-Lift mask 1–2 times a week for several weeks after the above mentioned treatments to accelerate the skin’s renewal and to prevent possible complications and side effects.


6Bl kopia

After carefully considering the feedback we get from Meder Beauty Science professional and home users we have decided to change the name of the eye cream Blepharo-Night Bn7 to Blepharo-Light Bl6 and update the instructions for its use. By this change we are hoping to achieve a better understanding of the cream’s effect and its most efficient use as well as the rise of popularity of Meder Beauty Science eye care.

Blepharo-Night was designed for the prevention and correction of circulation disturbances, puffy eyelids and dark circles. It makes a visible difference while also being light and easy to use. For years now Blepharo-Night has been one of Meder Beauty’s bestsellers.

Natural lecithin gives the cream a delicate gel-like texture while also softening and moisturising the skin around the eyes. Caffeine, niacinamide and escin in the cream have a draining, anti-puffiness and stimulating effect, restore the capillary wall and strengthen the blood vessels. With regular use niacinamide and caffeine enhance the synthesis of collagen, a vital protein for thicker and more elastic skin. We have always recommended using Blepharo-Night once a day, before bed, to prevent and correct bags under eyes and dark circles; however it can just as effectively be used twice a day as an anti-ageing capillary stimulating solution.

To make the choice easier for our customers, we have decided to change the name Blepharo-Night Bn7 to Blepharo-Light Bl6. The name should let the customers know that this is not necessarily a night time solution, while simultaneously conveying the cream’s light structure. The number 6 in the name means that this cream can be used as basic eye care, and indicates the correct way of combining it with other Meder Beauty eye care solutions.

 Combining Blepharo-Light Bl6 with Blepharo-Day Bd7 is recommended

  • to all smokers;
  • during high solar activity;
  • for all active workouts and extreme sports (mountain skis, swimming, surfing, hiking, etc);
  • to all living in highly polluted areas.

Blepharo-Day cream actively protects the fragile skin under the eyes from ultraviolet, toxic particles in polluted air and smoke, reducing the water loss and enhancing the skin’s barrier.

Combining Blepharo-Light Bl6 with Blepharo-Rich Br7 is recommended 

  • when the first signs of ageing start to appear in the eye area;
  • to correct wrinkles in the eye area;
  • for pigmentation disturbances in the eye area;
  • when the skin under the eyes feels particularly dry and thin.

Launched in 2017, Blepharo-Rich eye cream softens and nourishes the skin around the eyes, stimulates the syntheses of the skin’s structural proteins, restores the skin’s thickness and elasticity. Blepharo-Rich eye cream is able to provide epigenetic stimulation of the skin cells in the deeper layers of the skin slowing down ageing and increasing the skin’s natural protection.

Using Blepharo-Light Bl6 as a primary eye care solution is recommended:

  • to treat puffiness and bags under eyes not accompanied with other skin concerns or signs of ageing;
  • to prevent the development of bags or circles under eyes;
  • to prevent ageing in the eye area.

 Blepharo-Light cream is suitable for all ages. It can be prescribed as a preparatory and restoring solution to be used together with various aesthetic treatments, such as laser or radiofrequency therapy and also surgery in the eye area.

Instructions for use: apply a small amount of Blepharo-Light Bl6 cream onto the skin around the eyes. For best results precede with Meder Beauty Science cleanser and serum suitable for your skin’s sensitivity level. Apply Blepharo-Light twice a day, morning and night. If necessary, combine with Blepharo-Day eye cream or Blepharo-Rich eye cream, depending on the particular skin concern. When combining with other Meder eye care, always apply Blepharo-Light first.


The Holiday season is upon us, and Meder Beauty online store is starting the countdown. Welcome to Meder Advent Calendar!

The rules are simple.

Every day from the 1st till the 24th of December one of our products goes on sale. We announce it on our social networks and in the MederStore newsletter (subscribe for it on our website or on our Facebook page).
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Each offer is valid for 24 hours, and then another product goes on sale, and so it will go on until a very very Merry Christmas (when our team will go on a well deserved holiday!).

Get ready for a shower of gifts!

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Use code 300AL for Arma-Lift Mask, 300ES for Eu-Seb Mask, 300HF for Hydra-Fill Mask, 300LO for Lipo-Oval Mask, 300MF for Myo-Fix Mask.

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Myo-Fix Mask

Big Myo-Fix Sale in our online store! For limited time only, you can buy Myo-Fix Mask for reduced price of £48 and take another 20% off your order. To qualify for discount your order must include Myo-Fix mask and be over £100. Use code MYOFIX at checkout. Happy shopping!

PB Ireland Meder Beauty

Meder Beauty in Dublin!
This September for the first time ever Meder Beauty is participating in Professional Beauty Ireland! If you are in Ireland, you can register to visit the exhibition and see us at stand F14 on the 24th and 25th of September.
We are excited to be in Dublin! Wish us a good show.

Prague Conference

Prague (Czech Republic), 15–16 September 2017

Dr Tiina Meder will be giving a talk on the latest trends in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine at the Medical Aesthetic Conference in Prague, on the 15th and 16th of September. The future of the industry for the next decade lies in the biophysical impact combined with biochemical stimulation. Dr Meder will reveal the possibilities of combining the aesthetic machine techniques with topical skincare solutions for best results. One of the important points of her talk will be the possibilities of hi-tech skincare solutions for the correction of the injection therapy aftereffects: minimising the side effects and increasing the patients’ satisfaction.

The second part of this very intense panel will be dedicated to the microbiome of the human skin. Recent discoveries in microbiology have changed the approach to aesthetic therapy. What constitutes a healthy microbiome, and what we now see as pathological. Prebiotics and probiotics as a therapeutic concept, cases, practical application, anti-age effects.

On the second day of the conference Dr Meder will present the new releases of Meder Beauty Science and explain her vision of epigenetic skin therapy.

A discussion board will follow where participants will be able to ask questions and exchange ideas. To register and attend the conference, please contact our partner in Germany, Beauty Steps.


Our partners in Australia and New Zealand, Spectrum Science and Beauty, will participate in Beauty Expo Australia on the 26th and 27th of August. We are very excited to have our brand introduced to the customers in Australia and New Zealand.


Tickets are available now for the conference in Endhoven, Netherlands on the 14 of October 2017. Cosmetic diagnostics is a highly debated upon topic in professional circles and one of the primary points of interest for Meder Beauty Science Research and Development. Dr Meder herself will attend the conference and give a talk on today’s high-tech approach to diagnosing skin conditions and choosing a correct treatment.

InnoFaith is the official partner of the conference “The secrets of cosmetic diagnostic: from science to practice”. The conference will take place at Van der Valk Hotel from 10.00 till 17.00. Ticket fee includes lunch and dinner.

Please contact Meder representatives in Netherlands to purchase tickets.

Phone: +31640106491

New Packaging

We have updated the packaging of Meder Beauty masks. The box still contains 5 sheet masks to be used once or twice a week. The new packaging is more secure and is a clearer statement of the brand’s appreciation of contemporary art. The new packaging for the masks themselves will follow soon, featuring the brand’s icon, fabulous and immensely talented Cyber Lady.