Enzy-Peel 2017 Edition Is Available Online

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Enzy-Peel 2017 Edition Is Available Online

Meder Beauty Science is proud to present a new eco-friendly edition of our bestselling enzyme peeling for face, neck and décolleté areas, Enzy-Peel mask.

Key active ingredient of the mask is a probiotic with keratolytic effect (that is, softening and shedding of the outer (keratinous) layer of the skin) created on the basis of bacterial filtrate Bacillus Ferment (Keratoline). Probiotic provides enzymatic exfoliation which is followed by mechanical peeling. The new formula employs special all-natural mineral micro-polishing particles.

  • Natural quartz microspheres, the pearly sand of Polynesian atolls;
  • Sodium silicate micro-granules “water glass” obtained by processing the minerals of ocean sand.

Why did we change it?

  1. Natural quartz and sodium silicate particles are perfectly smooth. When they’re rubbed gently on the skin surface they effectively even out its surface without causing any kind of injury.
  2. They are biologically neutral. We have no information so far of any allergic reactions resulting from the contact with these ingredients.
  3. Last, but not least, quartz and sodium silicate are completely eco-friendly. When you rinse the peeling mask off with water, as per our instructions, the particles are carried down the drain. Quartz sinks and returns to the soil where it belongs, and sodium silicate dissolves in water releasing natural salts which are a part of world ocean’s salt contents. There is no pollution, not on your skin, not in the planet’s water reserve.

The new formula provides the same double action that you know and love: probiotic exfoliation of dead cells and gentle elimination of all impurities with mineral eco-friendly peeling particles.


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