Enzy-Peel Stock Clearance


Enzy-Peel Stock Clearance

Meder Beauty Science are about to introduce a new formula of Enzy-Peel Mask!

We will tell you all about it when the time comes. We promise you that new Enzy-Peel will be just as good as the old one (we think it’s better!), but we also understand if you’d like to hold on to your old favourite.

We love it, too.

So, here’s a little deal for you, if you’d like to stock up on classic formula Enzy-Peel.

  1. Buy Enzy-Peel Mask online + any other product(s)* (or as many Enzy-Peels as you think you can use up!)
  2. Use code ENZY-PEEL at checkout
  3. Take 20% off your purchase.

To purchase Enzy-Peel go to MederStore.com. The offer will last while the stock lasts (which won’t be long at all as we only have a few left).

New Enzy-Peel Mask is coming soon!

*One Day Trip Set is exempt from the offer.


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