Dr Meder to Speak at Medical Aesthetic Conference

Prague Conference

Dr Meder to Speak at Medical Aesthetic Conference

Prague (Czech Republic), 15–16 September 2017

Dr Tiina Meder will be giving a talk on the latest trends in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine at the Medical Aesthetic Conference in Prague, on the 15th and 16th of September. The future of the industry for the next decade lies in the biophysical impact combined with biochemical stimulation. Dr Meder will reveal the possibilities of combining the aesthetic machine techniques with topical skincare solutions for best results. One of the important points of her talk will be the possibilities of hi-tech skincare solutions for the correction of the injection therapy aftereffects: minimising the side effects and increasing the patients’ satisfaction.

The second part of this very intense panel will be dedicated to the microbiome of the human skin. Recent discoveries in microbiology have changed the approach to aesthetic therapy. What constitutes a healthy microbiome, and what we now see as pathological. Prebiotics and probiotics as a therapeutic concept, cases, practical application, anti-age effects.

On the second day of the conference Dr Meder will present the new releases of Meder Beauty Science and explain her vision of epigenetic skin therapy.

A discussion board will follow where participants will be able to ask questions and exchange ideas. To register and attend the conference, please contact our partner in Germany, Beauty Steps.


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