About Us

In a nutshell, Meder Beauty Science is a Swiss line of hi-end microbiome friendly professional skincare. But there is more to our story.
Launched in 2009, Meder Beauty Science has since earned recognition in many countries of the world. Bearing the name of its creator, Dr Tiina Meder, our brand embodies both bold, no-nonsense strictly scientific vision and a firm belief in natural pain-free beauty.

The First Microbiome Friendly Professional Skincare

We work with cosmetic chemists and partner up with dermatologists, microbiologists and molecular geneticists to develop our products. With every single Meder Beauty Science solution we strive to achieve max impact on the skin and microbiome, using only safe ingredients with scientifically confirmed beneficial effect. We know exactly what skin structures and on what level are affected by the active ingredients we use. Our priorities are safety, visible and stable results and healthy look.

Our Philosophy

Our values are embodied by Cyber Lady, a persona created by contemporary artist Sasha Frolova. It is everyone who is different and unafraid. We support contemporary art and scientific education for a better future.
Most of all, we firmly believe that cosmetic skincare should be used to maintain each person’s own unique beauty, instead of altering their appearance in pursuit of a latest trend.

Our Journey

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What Lies Ahead

We’ll continue creating skincare that maintains the skin’s health and beauty, suitable for all. And we mean all: we only ever use ingredients that are completely safe and good for the skin of any type and colour.