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Authenticity Check

A protective label using a unique patented system of authenticity control BUBBLE SEALTM is used on all products by Meder Beauty Science. We guarantee protection from unwanted opening – it is impossible to unseal the label without damaging it. When you open your product for the first time the label is torn easily along the perforation line.

Each label has a unique BUBBLE SEALTM guaranteeing the authenticity and uniqueness of the product. It cannot be copied or duplicated, so no two labels are the same!

It is like a fingerprint if you wish. But what’s next?

Each label also has a unique number, which you can enter into the field below – a pop-up with the product description, due date and a photo of BUBBLE SEALTM will appear. If the unique picture made with bubbles matches the one from your product label, rest assured, your product is genuine!

You can also instantly open a page of your product by using any smartphone – simply scan the QR code using a free app i-Proof or any other QR code scanner.

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