What It Means — To #Be_Meder

22 years ago, when I first started working as an aesthetician, the salon administrator said to me once:

— Every beauty therapist has their own bunch of clients, and yours I like best of all. They’re all so sweet and polite and not fussy at all! It just makes me want to do nice things for them.

I thought about it a lot and realised she was right. Somehow I ended up working with women and men who were interesting and commanded respect, and it made me happy to help them look their best.

In time I found like-minded peers among aesthetic professionals. They too were smart, worthy, distinguished people with unwavering professional ethics. When I started my own brand, I was thinking about them. I saw the faces of my clients and friends and hoped that what I’m doing would make them happy at work and at home.

In 2019 it’ll be 10 years since Meder Beauty Science was launched. A lot has changed since then. We progressed from 1 professional treatment to a range of different solutions for pretty much every beauty concern there is. We released 24 home skincare products. We are working with thousands of beauty professionals all over the world, from Estonia to New Zealand. But one thing remains the same. I still believe that the most important thing in creating skincare is knowing who you’re making it for. Who would work with your solutions and come to love your masks, serums and creams? Who is going to appreciate a million different choices you’ve made concerning your brand’s identity — your ingredients, textures, packaging, colours and the face on the front cover?

Today, 10 years down the line, I don’t know every single Meder Beauty Science customer personally anymore, but I do know that I’m still working for the same kind of people I’ve grown to love at the start of my career.

I can tell you about them. They’re smart and not afraid to be themselves. They don’t make a big deal out of ageing. They are fearless and free.

Our clients are intelligent people. We respect that by producing intelligent skincare. We don’t take an easy way out, opting for creative formulations instead. Our care recommendations are precise and differ quite a lot from what you may hear in a beauty store. We don’t shy away from talking about ingredients openly, even if it sounds too complex, because we trust our clients to understand the significance of molecular weight, the difference between prebiotics and probiotics and the way peptides penetrate into facial muscles. Our clients are insatiably curious, they love to learn new things and they won’t be fooled by meaningless marketing promises. They prefer to know how things work, rather than put their trust into a smiling stranger in a lab coat.

Our clients feel comfortable with themselves. They don’t seek skincare that does miracles, nor are they after a fairy who would grant them a new face and a new personality. They are in harmony with themselves, their identity and the way they look and they’re not trying to become someone else. We help them to restore and maintain the skin’s health, to look well and be content — as much as skincare is ever able to do so. We help them look nice even when they’re tired or stressed. We don’t give empty promises to make them younger or to create a Hollywood face, and there is mutual respect and understanding between us.

Every face is beautiful and healthy skin always looks good.

Our clients don’t think ageing is all doom and gloom. Time is just one of life’s dimensions. We are ever-changing from our first day to the last — babies grow up, teenagers turn into adults, grown-ups mature and so on. Time does not make us ugly, we live through it and it changes us accordingly. No skincare can stop time — that’s what we always say, and our clients do not expect any such voodoo. What they can expect is reliability — time will move on, but we’ll stay and help them look good on any day, regardless of their age.

Our clients value their freedom. They can live without a beautician and are not addicted to skincare. They have an open mind and they know that healthy skin does not require great investments to look fine. They are comfortable with us because we offer a no-fuss easy-to-customise care approach.  

Our clients are fearless. They are not afraid to swim against the current, show independent thought and refuse the solutions that don’t work for them. They don’t fear the crowd, not even when it’s overpowering, they don’t bow to authority, not even when it’s bearing the proverbial crown regalia. Most importantly, these people are not afraid of themselves and of living their life.

This is why I love all of you. You’re making my professional life a joy every day.