Lack of sleep is increasingly common today, with mounting stress and anxiety all over the world. Sleep deprivation is known to have a negative impact on general health, including your skin condition. Many important restorative processes in the skin do not begin until you are fast asleep. Persistent lack of sleep leads to loss of moisture, flaking, itching, increased sensitivity and reduced elasticity.

We can’t make sure you get enough sleep. But we can biohack your skin into functioning as if you are. Circa-Night Cream restores healthy circadian rhythms fighting the negative effects of sleep deprivation.  


In order to preserve skin firmness, collagen and elastin need to be arranged in 3D structures by special chaperone proteins, which are only activated in deep sleep. This is why when you are sleep deprived, the skin looks pale and loses elasticity.

Metabiotic Ice-Awake® is based on an ancient bacteria strain recently discovered in the retreating glaciers of the canton of Valais in Switzerland. It can activate the arrangement of collagen and elastin in the skin and restore the synthesis of chaperones, which decreases with age as well as lack of sleep. Ice-Awake® can prevent the appearance of wrinkles, restore and support skin elasticity at any age.


Lack of sleep disrupts the synthesis of type I collagen, the one that makes young skin so firm and thick. Insufficient collagen production makes the skin look thin and tired. 

To restore collagen synthesis, Circa-Night Cream was enriched with a complex of glycoproteins HRGPs derived from natural soy extract. Soy is known for its stimulating properties and allows to restore the synthesis of young collagen at night, regardless of sleep quality. 



To help the skin through restless nights, Circa-Night Cream formula was strengthened with an epigenetic ingredient Sirtalice®, a probiotic based on bacteria found only in the ice cold water 3.5 km deep in the Indian ocean.

Probiotic Sirtalice® activates the synthesis of type I collagen, while at the same time blocking the production of harmful enzymes, destroying collagen and elastin. Sirtalice® has an amazing ability to launch the synthesis of ATP, the energy generated by mitochondria in the skin cells. The skin appears more firm and elastic in 10–15 minutes after application and remains so for many hours. Sirtalice® can literally revive tired skin


Insufficient and restless sleep makes the skin lose moisture, disturbs circulation and causes irritation. Sleep deprived skin is more than ever prone to inflammation. Lack of sleep affects the skin’s lipid barrier which makes it harder to replenish water reserves.

African shea butter is very rich in beneficial lipids and amino acids. Shea butter in Circa-Night Cream covers the skin with a silky smooth protective layer to moisturise and restore natural protection. It is enriched with vitamin B5 (Panthenol) added to shea butter suppresses inflammation, reduces irritation and restores the skin’s ability to regenerate during nighttime. 

Circa-Night Cream 

The first ever restorative biohacking night cream for sleepless nights! 

Circa-Night Cream helps align the skin metabolism with healthy circadian rhythms, preventing stress-related changes and premature ageing. 

Apply Circa-Night every night and your face will look fresh in the morning, even if you didn’t get nearly enough sleep.