We have always advised before to avoid retinol and alpha-hydroxy acids or AHAs while using Eu-Seb Concentrate.

However, after the 2022 upgrade you can rest assured, they will not negate the normalising anti-acne effect of Eu-Seb. In fact, retinol and AHAs may just be excessive as Eu-Seb contains bioflavonoids from the Indonesian Maclura plant stem cells with the same effect as retinoic acid but without the side effects.

Prebiotics working together with Maclura bioflavonoids and Noni plant stem cells normalise your microbiome and restore your healthy skin flora.

However, if you are undergoing antibiotic-based treatment for acne, using triclosan, alcohol etc, you should:

  1. Definitely get a second opinion because in this day and age there are plenty more advanced and less traumatic acne treatments!
  2. Include Eu-Seb Concentrate in your routine to give your microbiome much needed support.

For best results combine Eu-Seb Concentrate with other microbiome-friendly Meder products.