We heard that some customers put their used sheet masks back in the sachets and reapply them. Please don’t do that with Meder masks!

Meder masks use the active exchange principle, which is why they’re so effective. Your chosen mask nourishes your skin with active ingredients, moisturises, helps restore the skin’s natural protection, and at the same time it drains out toxins, rids the skin of oxidised lipid and protein compounds, various micro resins that get on the skin surface from the polluted air. All of these unwanted elements remain in the gel after you’ve used the mask, and you wouldn’t want to reapply them to your skin.

Don’t worry about maximising your results. The active gel of Meder sheet mask will continue its work even after you’ve removed the mask.

Please discard Meder sheet mask after use. By the way all our masks are entirely biodegradable because they’re made of organic bamboo fibre.