Questions and answers about Meder skincare products. How to choose Meder skincare and create a perfect routine. How to apply your chosen products. What comes first, serum or concentrate. What should I know before buying Myo-Fix Concentrate. Product compatibility, recommendations for application and so much more.

Can I combine Eu-Seb Concentrate with other acne therapy?2022-07-22T11:07:56+01:00

We have always advised before to avoid retinol and alpha-hydroxy acids or AHAs while using Eu-Seb Concentrate.

However, after the 2022 upgrade you can rest assured, they will not negate the normalising anti-acne effect of Eu-Seb. In fact, retinol and AHAs may just be excessive as Eu-Seb contains bioflavonoids from the Indonesian Maclura plant stem cells with the same effect as retinoic acid but without the side effects.

Prebiotics working together with Maclura bioflavonoids and Noni plant stem cells normalise your microbiome and restore your healthy skin flora.

However, if you are undergoing antibiotic-based treatment for acne, using triclosan, alcohol etc, you should:

  1. Definitely get a second opinion because in this day and age there are plenty more advanced and less traumatic acne treatments!
  2. Include Eu-Seb Concentrate in your routine to give your microbiome much needed support.

For best results combine Eu-Seb Concentrate with other microbiome-friendly Meder products.

Can I combine Myo-Fix Concentrate with other skincare?2022-07-19T16:44:13+01:00

Myo-Fix Concentrate is easy to introduce in your routine and can be combined with most skincare products with just 2 important exceptions.

We do NOT recommend combining Myo-Fix Concentrate with:

  • skincare with retinol or its derivatives;
  • alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs).

Both retinol and AHAs are very harsh ingredients that can destroy fragile peptide molecules and really diminish or even negate the effect of your wrinkle correction. We urge you to put away retinol skincare for the 5-week Myo-Fix course to experience the skin smoothing and immobilising effect.

Try the routine suggested below instead or build your own with our Skin Quiz.

Can I reuse Meder sheet masks?2022-08-02T17:04:03+01:00

We heard that some customers put their used sheet masks back in the sachets and reapply them. Please don’t do that with Meder masks!

Meder masks use the active exchange principle, which is why they’re so effective. Your chosen mask nourishes your skin with active ingredients, moisturises, helps restore the skin’s natural protection, and at the same time it drains out toxins, rids the skin of oxidised lipid and protein compounds, various micro resins that get on the skin surface from the polluted air. All of these unwanted elements remain in the gel after you’ve used the mask, and you wouldn’t want to reapply them to your skin.

Don’t worry about maximising your results. The active gel of Meder sheet mask will continue its work even after you’ve removed the mask.

Please discard Meder sheet mask after use. By the way all our masks are entirely biodegradable because they’re made of organic bamboo fibre.

Can I use Arma-Bust Cream during breastfeeding?2022-08-02T17:22:39+01:00

Yes, but do make sure that there is no cream on your nipples when you nurse the baby. Even the best cream is not baby food. Start using the cream when the gaps between feedings are long enough for you to have the time to remove the traces of cream from your nipples.

Otherwise there are no limitations.

You can try our other pregnancy and breastfeeding friendly body care.

Can I use Arma-Bust Cream during pregnancy?2022-08-02T17:12:53+01:00

All Meder skincare is pregnancy-friendly!

Arma-Bust Cream can help prevent stretch marks and maintain skin elasticity during pregnancy. We recommend using Arma-Bust continuously throughout pregnancy and continue during breast feeding period.

You can also try other Meder body care and our stress relieving products.

Can I use Enzy-Peel Mask every day?2022-08-02T17:37:29+01:00

No, we do not recommend exfoliation, even as gentle as probiotic-based Enzy-Peel, every day. Once or twice a week is quite enough to help renew, polish and normalise the skin. For best results combine Enzy-Peel with Meder cleansing mask and serum of your choosing.

Can I use Enzy-Peel Mask with Roaccutane (Isotretinoin)?2022-08-02T17:31:51+01:00

Skin health is the first priority during Roaccutane or similar treatments. We do not recommend exfoliation and any peeling masks, even Enzy-Peel. Among other things, Roaccutane accelerates the renewal of epidermis, so there is no need for exfoliation. It could actually be unsafe, because in the course of Roaccutane therapy many patients develop retinoid dermatitis rendering even a micro-injury very traumatic.

You can go back to enzyme exfoliation no earlier than 8–10 weeks after you’ve finished taking Roaccutane.

More about Roaccutane Treatment on DermNet.

If your skin has become sensitive or dry we recommend soothing Soin-Apax serum based on centella asiatica extract to help reduce side effects of Roaccutane.

Can I use Meder cleansing masks to remove makeup?2022-07-18T15:07:58+01:00

Both Meder cleansing masks are suitable for the removal of minimal to very light makeup.

However, if you’ve got creative, colourful makeup using bright pigments and stable polymers or long lasting/high coverage foundations, it is best to use your makeup remover first.

Professional or stage makeup should be removed using professional makeup remover.

Can I use Myo-Fix Concentrate during pregnancy and breastfeeding?2022-08-02T17:48:41+01:00

Yes, of course. Myo-Fix was first created with pregnant women in mind! Unlike Botox, Myo-Fix Concentrate does not penetrate deeper than skin and does not affect your nerve endings or enter your bloodstream. Myo-Fix Concentrate does not have a systemic effect on your body or on the unborn baby, nor can it get into the breast milk. It is perfectly safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

For best results try Myo-Fix Set or treat yourself to Myo-Fix DIY facial.

Can I use Myo-Fix if I already had Botox?2022-08-02T17:55:12+01:00

Yes, absolutely. Myo-Fix will help maintain the results of your botox and even postpone your next injection course. We recommend starting the application of Myo-Fix Concentrate 16-18 weeks after you had botox twice a day for 5 weeks and then once a day for another 5 weeks.

For best results try Myo-Fix Set or pamper yourself with Myo-Fix DIY Facials.

Do Eu-Seb Concentrate and Eu-Seb Mask have the same effect?2022-08-03T16:17:16+01:00

Eu-Seb Mask has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, reduces sebum production and keeps the skin matte for several days after use. Eu-Seb Concentrate contains prebiotics normalising microbiome and decreasing the activity of pathogenic bacteria which cause acne and inflammation while increasing the growth of good bacteria which, in their turn, restore the skin’s natural protection.

Eu-Seb Mask creates a perfect medium for the growth of healthy microbiome maximising the effect of Eu-Seb Concentrate. For best results use Eu-Seb Concentrate daily, morning and night, and Eu-Seb Mask once or twice a week, always after the concentrate. Combine with other microbiome-friendly skincare or treat yourself to a course of anti-acne facials.

Do I need to use a cleanser in the morning?2022-08-03T18:45:22+01:00

Even if you washed your face before going to bed, it is still a good idea to use a gentle cleansing solution in the morning. When you sleep your skin remains active, it secretes sebum and rids itself from dead cells. Your face is in contact with your bed sheets, and fibre micro particles are left on the skin surface. Wash your face with a gentle micellar cleanser to remove all of that and prepare it for your serum and cream.

If your skin is sensitive, use Meder Net-Apax Prebiotic Cleansing Mask. If sensitivity is not a concern, try energising Nrj-Net Revitalising Cleansing Mask.

Do I need to use a concentrate routinely?2022-08-03T16:31:04+01:00

We recommend introducing one of Meder concentrates into your routine if you have a particular skin concern you wish to address. You can use a concentrate for an active course of 5-10 weeks repeating 2 or 3 times a year. However, if you wish to use the concentrate routinely, you can do so and enjoy the effect.

Read more on our concentrates or choose one below.

Do you have a brightening cleanser?2022-08-03T18:51:14+01:00

For mild skin brightening we recommend using Nrj-Net Revitalising Cleansing Mask. Apply twice a day, morning and night, spread evenly and leave on for 1-2 minutes. Rinse with tepid water. Your skin may go bright red, which is a normal and desirable reaction and will subside in 10-20 minutes. Nrj-Net contains a large dose of niacinamide or vitamin B3, which stimulates the capillaries and gently brightens the skin without increasing its sensitivity to UV.

Does Arma-Lift Mask have the same effect as Arma-Lift Concentrate?2022-08-05T15:43:49+01:00

Arma-Lift Mask contains plant-based EGF which increases and optimises the skin’s renewal and the synthesis of all structural elements. Arma-Lift Mask helps prevent age related changes in the skin, brightens and stimulates regeneration.

Arma-Lift Concentrate affects various skin structures, helps protect the cells agains free radicals, suppresses age-related inflammation (inflammaging) and restores elasticity. We recommend using the concentrate daily and the mask once a week for best results.

Does Myo-Fix Concentrate paralyse the skin?2022-08-05T16:09:47+01:00

Myo-Fix Concentrate contains peptides which gradually immobilise facial muscles at the points of their connection with the skin. This way you still have full control over facial expression, but involuntary movements that you’re not even aware of gradually stop and the skin creases a lot less. Some peptides in Myo-Fix also increase the skin renewal keeping your forehead smooth for months.

We don’t use the word “paralyse” to describe the effect of Myo-Fix because unlike botox, Myo-Fix Concentrate does not affect the muscle’s actual mobility. With more relaxed facial muscles wrinkles gradually smooth while your face retains natural expression.

For best results combine with Myo-Fix Mask or pamper yourself with Myo-Fix DIY Facial.

Does Myo-Fix Mask paralyse the face?2022-08-05T16:37:17+01:00

Myo-Fix Mask does not paralyse the face. The effect is more relaxed facial muscles and a naturally serene expression.

How does Myo-Fix Mask work?

Peptide SYN®-AKE, a lab imitation of Indian viper’s venom, reduces muscle contraction by preventing the muscles from receiving the nervous impulse to move. While it doesn’t immobilise facial muscles entirely, it can relax them and erase that tense, stressed expression from your face. Myo-Fix Mask was designed to increase the effect of Myo-Fix Concentrate, however, like all Meder Beauty masks, it can be used on its own.

Dr Meder’s tip: apply Myo-Fix Mask before a stressful meeting to help you maintain calm, relaxed facial expression.

Other beneficial ingredients: peptide complex Matrixyl-3000 (Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1 and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7) accelerates skin regeneration and healing and increase the synthesis of all structural elements of the dermis: hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin. Peptide Skinasensyl (Acetyl Tetrapeptide-15) calms the skin and suppresses irritation. The moisturising complex of olive oil, shea butter, gluconolactone, urea and vitamin E softens and moisturises the skin accelerating its renewal.

How do I choose the right cleanser for me?2022-08-05T17:14:13+01:00

Choosing a Meder cleansing mask is very simple.

  • If your skin is sensitive, choose Net-Apax Prebiotic Cleansing Mask.
  • If sensitivity is not a concern, try Nrj-Net Revitalising Cleansing Mask.

Both are available in mini doses to try.

How to use Enzy-Peel Mask?2022-09-05T17:36:08+01:00

We call this mask Enzy-Peel because the exfoliation is performed by enzymes — probiotics able to dissolve dead cells and keratinous layer proteins.

Apply a small amount of Enzy-Peel (around one tea spoon) and spread it on the face, neck and décolleté. Enzymes like warm and humid environment, so it is best to do your peeling in your bathroom after you’ve just had a shower.

If it is not possible, there’s a tip: you can use a plastic shower cap. Cut in small holes for eyes and nose and put the cap on your face after applying Enzy-Peel Mask.

After 5–10 minutes, wash your hands with warm water and massage your face, neck and décolleté with warm wet fingers for a couple of minutes. Rinse off the mask with cool water and see how fresh your renewed skin looks.

Watch a video of Dr Tiina Meder demonstrating how to exfoliate like a pro!

I have combination skin. Which Meder cream should I choose?2022-09-05T17:34:08+01:00

If you have oily skin in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) and normal skin in the other areas of the face we’d recommend using Equa-Derm Cream in the morning to normalise the sebum production, and Salva-Derm Cream in the evening to keep the skin calm and matte without overcorrecting the activity of sebaceous glands.

I have oily skin. Can I use Vita-Long Oil?2022-08-03T16:00:34+01:00

You can use Vita-Long Oil regardless of your skin type or sebum production. Remember to apply only a small amount of Vita-Long Oil as it is very concentrated, and if you are concerned with excess sebum production, use it only once a day. When used correctly and consistently, Vita-Long Oil actually normalises the activity of sebaceous glands, tightens pores and helps restore the skin’s barrier function.

See the video below for application technique.

I have sensitive skin. Can I use Enzy-Peel Mask?2022-09-05T17:40:23+01:00

Yes, you can! Sensitive skin needs exfoliation too.

However, for sensitive skin we recommend skipping the massage during application. Simply apply Enzy-Peel as a mask to your face and neck, leave on for 5-10 minutes and gently rinse off with lukewarm water. Enzyme exfoliation works best in a warm and humid environment, so for best results use Enzy-Peel in the bathroom after a shower.

Is Enzy-Peel Mask good for acne?2022-09-05T17:46:44+01:00


Acne skin care should include regular microbiome-friendly exfoliation at least once a week. Probiotic exfoliation reduces the growth of acne-causing bacteria bringing down inflammation and breakouts. Enzy-Peel Mask regulates sebum production, helps shrink pores and normalise the skin.

Apply Enzy-Peel Mask to your face, but don’t massage over the inflamed areas. Enzyme exfoliation works best in a warm and humid environment. For best results combine with Meder prebiotic and probiotic range for acne skin care.

Is Enzy-Peel Mask suitable for teens?2022-09-05T17:51:52+01:00

Yes, Enzy-Peel Mask is suitable for teenage skin care.

Microbiome friendly exfoliation based on probiotic enzymes helps keep the skin healthy and prevent acne breakouts. Enzymes are gentler on teenage skin than acids or classic scrubs, while probiotics help normalise and support microbiome balance for healthy skin.

Enzy-Peel Mask can be used twice a week for oily skin, for sensitive skin skip the massage during application.

Is Hydra-Fill Mask the same as Hydra-Fill Concentrate?2022-09-08T16:44:03+01:00

Hydra-Fill Concentrate and Mask affect the skin differently. Hydra-Fill Concentrate has a more pronounced stimulating effect, restoring the synthesis of the agents and substances which enhance the skin’s moisturising and preventing flaking. Hydra-Fill Mask, on the other hand brightens the skin and instantly smooths it out with the glowing effect lasting for several days. After using the mask, the skin’s condition allows for a stronger effect of the concentrate’s active molecules.

We recommend using concentrate and mask together, the concentrate daily and the mask once or twice a week. For best results combine with other Meder skincare.

Is Meder Beauty skincare cruelty-free?2022-08-11T15:20:55+01:00

Yes, Meder Beauty skincare is cruelty-free. All products are manufactured in Switzerland strictly following Swiss and the EU regulations.

We guarantee that Meder Beauty products are not tested on animals. Meder Beauty does not use and have never used any animal-sourced or animal-derived components opting instead for plant-based and lab-made active ingredients.

Meder Beauty skincare does not contain any ingredients that would be harmful for the world ocean when rinsed. All Meder Beauty sheet masks are biodegradable.

Moreover, Meder Beauty supports all European animal protection initiatives, such as bans on animal testing and shark hunting.

My skin feels numb after using Myo-Fix Concentrate. Is it normal?2022-07-18T17:29:05+01:00

Yes, this is perfectly normal and means you’re applying the concentrate correctly. As peptides work on the muscle fibre intertwined with your forehead skin, you may feel a little numb in the areas of application and your habitual frowning movement may be a little strained. This is done to protect your skin from creasing due to involuntary facial expression, when you frown or raise your eyebrows without thinking about it or intending to.

The numbness will pass after a couple of weeks and you will always have full control over your facial expression. Remember: peptides only affect the skin, they do not enter your blood stream and are safe to use even when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

For best results exfoliate regularly and combine Myo-Fix Concentrate with Myo-Fix Mask.

Should I use Derma-Fill Cream routinely?2022-10-07T16:33:28+01:00

You can use Derma-Fill Cream routinely as your day cream or add it as an extra moisturising step in your routine, followed by one of Meder Beauty creams.

Derma-Fill Cream moisturises the skin, maintains microbiome health and provides some level of protection against air pollution. If you live in an urban or highly polluted area, we recommend applying Derma-Fill Cream as an extra layer before your cream or SPF or makeup foundation.

Still unsure? Try a sample!

What are Meder Serums?2022-09-30T17:47:33+01:00

Serums are an essential part of Meder skin care routine. We recommend using them in place of toners, after your cleansing mask and peeling (if using) but before your concentrate and day cream.

Meder Beauty serums stimulate the capillaries maintaining skin health and provide antioxidant protection. They also moisturise, soften and smooth out the skin, preparing it for the application of active concentrates and creams.

If your skin is sensitive, try Meder Soin-Apax Serum. If sensitivity is not a concern, use Nrj-Soin Serum. For best results combine with Meder cleansing masks and day creams suitable for your skin needs.

What are the DOs and DON’Ts of using Arma-Lift Concentrate?2022-08-02T15:14:38+01:00

Arma-Lift Concentrate is easy to introduce in your routine. Simply apply it twice a day to clean skin and follow with your day cream. The ingredients of Arma-Lift Concentrate are very stable and you can combine it with any other skincare you’re using.

For best results we recommend the complete Meder routine. Try our Skin Quiz or take a pick from the suggestions below.

What are the DOs and DON’Ts of using Lipo-Oval Concentrate?2022-08-02T16:28:36+01:00

Lipo-Oval Concentrate is easy to use and insert in your skin care routine. Apply the concentrate twice a day to the puffy areas on your face, usually cheeks and chin, follow with your day cream.

The active ingredients of Lipo-Oval are very stable and can be combined with any skincare of your choosing.

For best results combine with Lipo-Oval Mask once a week or try the complete Meder routine. Build yours using our Skin Quiz or try our suggestions below.

What is Meder Beauty?2022-08-11T16:28:58+01:00

Meder Beauty (previously Meder Beauty Science) is a brand of professional skincare created by dermatologist Dr Tiina Meder. Meder Beauty is microbiome-friendly, sustainable and suitable for all ages and any time in life (including pregnancy and breastfeeding).

Learn more about Meder Beauty.

What’s the difference between Lipo-Oval Concentrate and Lipo-Oval Mask?2022-09-05T17:35:15+01:00

Lipo-Oval Mask has a strong draining effect helping remove excessive liquid from facial soft tissue and strengthen the capillary system.

Lipo-Oval Concentrate works on facial fat with a more pronounced fat-splitting action which is enhanced to its full potential by the mask. We recommend combining concentrate and mask for best results. This doesn’t mean that one won’t work without the other, but together they have maximum effect on the skin. You can also try Lipo-Oval Set or treat yourself to Lipo-Oval DIY facial.

When can I start using eye cream?2022-08-02T16:37:29+01:00

We believe that you can start using eye cream when you feel like you need it. If you are concerned with dark circles, puffy eye lids, bags under eyes, you can start using Blepharo-Light Eye Cream at any age.

Blepharo-Rich Eye Cream is recommended when you notice signs of ageing in the eye area, such as wrinkles, fine lines, thin and dry skin. All of these don’t often appear until you’re well in your 40s, but can sometimes manifest as signs of stress. If signs of ageing are a concern for you, try Blepharo-Rich.

Both creams can be used together, in which case we recommend Blepharo-Light in the morning and Blepharo-Rich at night before bed.

Which cleanser is best for ageing skin?2022-08-03T19:12:17+01:00

Both Meder cleansing masks are suitable for ageing skin. The difference is Net-Apax would be better for sensitive skin, whereas Nrj-Net is great if sensitivity is not a concern.

Our cleansers work on the skin immune and capillary systems, help balance microbiome and support the skin’s natural protection. For best results combine Meder cleanser with a serum of the same range and cream by your skin type.

If you have a question you’d like to ask, email us support@mederbeauty.com or get in touch on socials, we’ll be happy to help.