Circa-Night Cream has been winning awards and recognition since the day we first released it. Today leading men’s magazine GQ named it one of the best night creams for men — to get the most of your beauty sleep, as they put it.

This Swiss-made cosmeceutical brand (created by aesthetic dermatologist Dr Tiina Meder), which embraces cutting-edge biotechnology, combines effective and innovative ingredients, both outsourced from nature and created in a lab, for its microbiome-friendly professional skincare. Its new Circa Night Cream is a “biohack” overnight hydrator, which uses scientific research to ensure you wake up looking like you had eight hours of sleep, even if you are late to bed or an early riser. Suitable for all skin types and particularly beneficial to night owls and frequent flyers, it helps to align the skin’s metabolism with healthy circadian rhythms to prevent cell stress and put the breaks on the ageing process. Formulated with a new ingredient based around a glacial bacteria that supports skin elasticity by activating 3-D arrangement of structural proteins in the skin, it kick-starts the natural restorative processes, leading to fresher, better rested-looking skin with less visible lines and wrinkles. Skin stimulating soy peptides also play an important role, enriched with glycoproteins HRGPs (derived from natural soy extract) with incredible stimulating properties that restore the synthesis of young collagen overnight, regardless of whether you are sleeping or burning the midnight oil. It also features a prebiotic found 3.5km under the Indian Ocean (sirtalice), with skin-revival properties that make contours appear more defined only ten to 15 minutes after application, African shea butter enriched with beneficial lipids, amino acids and vitamin B5, to bathe the skin in a layer of moisture and reduce irritation.

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