Hydra-Fill Concentrate has always been one of Meder Beauty bestsellers — and for good reason. It’s moisturising and filling effect is universal and instantly noticeable. However in recent years scientific progress has given us better understanding of healthy skin hydration and replenishing moisture reserves. With the use of new epigenetic ingredients, prebiotics and probiotics Meder Beauty were able to upgrade the concentrate formula to provide deep three-dimensional hydration for your skin! 

Most hydration products on the market moisturise only superficially with effect lasting for a few hours.

Hydra-Fill literally fills the skin with moisture, restoring its natural ability to retain water in the deep layers and supporting active water circulation. The updated Hydra-Fill Concentrate creates the effect of three-dimensional hydration working simultaneously in the three skin structures: capillary network, intercellular space and keratinous layer. 

We enriched the formula with prebiotic, probiotic, epigenetically active complex and ionic water magnets, while keeping hyaluronic acid of varying molecular weight. The new version instantly transforms dry, dull and stressed skin giving lasting comfort and hydration.

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