Skin care during pregnancy is a delicate issue as so many invasive and aggressive treatments are unsafe when you’re expecting. However, there are still a lot of things you can use and do if you are concerned about your skin’s look and health. Forbes magazine gathered skin experts to discuss options in pregnancy skincare.

Dr Sophie Shotter recommends Meder products and treatments.

To be honest, most aesthetic treatments are a no-no during pregnancy. I’m a big fan of the Meder Beauty Facials combined with LED light whilst pregnant, as these are results driven yet effective.

Peptides are a great choice in pregnancy, and good quality products can help to relax lines and wrinkles with consistent use. My favorites here are the Meder Myo-Fix Concentrate

Puffiness is a problem during pregnancy, and I would recommend the Meder Beauty Lipo-Oval DIY facials done weekly to help minimize puffiness and boost lymphatic drainage in the face.

Acne in pregnancy can be so difficult to manage, as many of the traditional ingredients we may use to help are not suitable. I’m a big fan of the Eu-Seb range by Meder Beauty. It’s a completely novel approach to acne management and works to rebalance the microbiome, but doesn’t include any ingredients which are unsuitable for use in pregnancy.

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