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Micellar cleansers gently remove all impurities and keratinous cells from the skin, leaving it fresh and smooth. If you have sensitive skin that needs soothing, we recommend Net-Apax Cleansing Gel, otherwise try rejuvenating and stimulating
Nrj-Net Cleansing Cream.

  • Net-Apax Cleansing Gel

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  • Nrj-Net Cleansing Cream

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Double-action enzyme exfoliating mask with polishing particles balances the sebum production, normalises the skin and removes even the most stubborn keratinous cells. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Enhancing Serums

Anti-oxidant enhancing serums provide much needed protection from daily stress, air and water pollution, tobacco smoke and other harmful factors. At the same time, Meder Beauty Science serums moisturise the skin and enhance the effect of day creams and targeted concentrates. For sensitive skin, Soin-Apax Serum is the best choice. If your skin does not require calming, try Nrj-Soin Serum for anti-oxidant effect and stimulation.

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Arma Lift
Anti-age Firming

Arma-Lift Concentrate and Mask are specially designed for mature, ageing skin to correct and prevent the appearance of fine lines and loss of elasticity. Age-defying care restores the skin’s ability to regenerate and increases its elasticity.

Prebiotic Acne Therapy

Use Eu-Seb Concentrate and Mask to care for oily, inflammation-prone skin with mild to severe acne, wide pores and greasy shine. Gentle prebiotic therapy is safe at all ages and for all skin types.

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Deep Hydration

Perfect for stressed, tired, dry and dull-looking skin, Hydra-Fill Concentrate and Mask will moisturise, fill, soothe and brighten the skin. We especially recommend these after a prolonged UV-exposure (also known as beach holiday).

Face Slimming

Lipo-Oval Concentrate and Mask enhance drainage, reduce puffiness and make the face look noticeably fresher and brighter. Choose these to get back into shape after a weekend of indulgence or if you are prone to facial swelling.

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Mimic Wrinkle Control

Myo-Fix Concentrate and Mask are the go-to solution for expression lines, mimic wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet and other expression-related creases on the skin. The muscle-relaxing peptides provide a stable natural-looking result.


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6th Element

Meder Beauty Science 6 Element solutions are staples of daily skin care protecting the skin from external harm, balancing it and allowing it to regenerate in a healthy natural way. All these are suitable for all ages and all skin types.

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  • Vita-Long Oil

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Face & Neck Creams

Essential daily moisturising and protection for the face and neck. Pick yours by your skin type: Arma-Derm Cream for dry and ageing skin; Equa-Derm Cream for oily skin prone to breakouts; and Salva-Derm Cream for normal and sensitive skin. Use Arma-Neck Cream to correct the first signs of ageing, appearing early on the delicate neck skin.

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Eye Creams

The skin under the eyes and on the eyelids may require special care, because it is thin, fragile and lacks its own natural protection of sebum. Discover Meder Beauty Science’s solutions for the eye area. Try Blepharo-Day Eye Cream for daily protection and nourishment, and Blepharo-Rich Eye Cream for anti-stress and anti-age effect.

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  • Arma-Bust Cream

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Body Care

Plumping, moisturising and firming cream for bust and décolleté area. Safe to use during pregnancy and lactation, Arma-Bust Cream is recommended for restoring the breasts’ shape and reducing stretch marks.

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