Try Meder Sets for Intense Skin Care

Meder intense care sets consist of 3 products: active concentrate, sheet mask (pack of 5) and exfoliating mask (in case of Red-Apax — prebiotic cleansing mask). Add one of the sets to your daily skincare routine for a targeted action aimed at a particular skin concern: Arma-Lift for age-related changes in the skin; Eu-Seb for acne and oily skin; Hydra-Fill for dry, dull and stressed skin; Lipo-Oval for facial swelling and puffiness; Myo-Fix for frown lines and mimic wrinkles; Red-Apax for sensitive skin, redness and rosacea. Enjoy swift relief and restoration of skin health with normalised microbiome and strengthened natural protection.

Meder Gift Sets

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