All Meder Beauty Skincare in Mini Doses

First, choose your step 1 — cleanser. We offer two fantastic cleansing masks, revitalising and stimulating Nrj-Net with niacinamide and calming and balancing Net-Apax with silver mallow extract for sensitive skin.

Don’t forget to exfoliate once or twice a week with step 2! Removing keratinised cells is essential for your skin renewal, plus our exfoliating mask Enzy-Peel contains prebiotic to help normalise your microbiome and sebum production.

Stimulate with antioxidant serum, this would be your step 3. Nrj-Soin goes great with Nrj-Net, while Net-Apax is best complimented by Soin-Apax. By all means, try your own combo, but remember: if your skin is sensitive look for Apax in our product names — you can’t go wrong with those!

If you’re still unsure about trying Meder active concentrates and masks, sample them first.

Please keep in mind though, that as with all skincare the effect accumulates over time and is more noticeable and stable after at least a week or two of use. You can apply any Meder concentrate or mask on their own, however you’ll get even better results when you combine your chosen concentrate with the corresponding mask. If you are an experienced Meder use, you may even create your own combinations, but our first recommendation is always to use concentrate and mask of the same range, for example Myo-Fix Concentrate with Myo-Fix Mask, Hydra-Fill Concentrate with Hydra-Fill Mask, etc. 

Concentrate is your step 4, mask — step 5. This means that they are to be applied in the correct order: after cleanser, exfoliating mask and serum, but before your day or night cream. Always use the mask after the concentrate.

Choose which Meder cream you wish to try according to your skin type: Equa-Derm for oily skin, Arma-Derm for dry skin and Salva-Derm for normal and sensitive skin. Don’t forget to sample our hero Circa-Night Cream — the first biohacking cream that imitates 8 hours of healthy sleep, even if you’ve had a restless night.

Sample the 2 fabulous star products you may choose to use under (or instead) your day cream. Award-winning epigenetic Vita-Long Oil restores youthful sebum and slows down cell ageing.

If you need extra hydration, try Derma-Fill, a unique prebiotic moisturiser and a great primer for your makeup beloved by celebrity MUA world over!

Try Meder eye care! Blepharo-Light will brighten dark circles under eyes and reduce puffiness. Blepharo-Rich, as the name suggests, is indeed rich and powerful when it comes to erasing signs of ageing.

Again, you can use the creams separately or combine them for extra effect (in which case always apply Blepharo-Rich after Blepharo-Light).

Take care of your neck and bust skin too. Neck skin has to twist all the time accommodating your moves. Arma-Neck contains protein able to boost elastin production and strengthen neck skin.

Arma-Bust features a large dose of kigelia africana extract helping smooth and firm up breast skin. Safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding!

Try one of Meder sample sets for a better experience! The sets were arranged by Dr Meder to ensure that you sample the trying and tested ways to normalise and improve the skin health with Meder Beauty star products.

Epigenetic set contains our bestselling Vita-Long Oil and complementing skincare products to enhance age-defying epigenetic action. The combination of organic oils restoring perfectly healthy sebum, terpenone, coenzyme Q10 and Ephemer prolongs cell life cycle and slows down age-related change in the skin. 

Sensitive skin set features rosacea heroes Red-Apax Concentrate and Mask. Even after one application skin redness, itchiness, burning, tightness, pain and discomfort subside noticeably. Red-Apax range is great for hypersensitive skin, rosacea and redness, damaged skin and menopausal hot flushes.

Try your new routine today! All you need to do, is figure out if your skin is sensitive or not. We are certain that you already know that, but if you don’t think, how often and how intensely to you experience skin redness, itching, flaking, burning, tingling, allergic reactions, irritability and general discomfort. If the answer is oh yes, a lot of times, how did you know? — then your skin is likely to be sensitive. The other thing is your skin type, or rather your sebum production skin quality: dry, oily or somewhere in the middle that is usually called normal. Now you can pick the set that suits you and get a glimpse of what caring for your skin with Meder is like!