How to Choose Meder Beauty Skincare — Part 3

Choosing Meder Beauty Concentrate and Mask

Concentrates and masks in Meder Beauty range are what we call targeted care. Each duo of concentrate and mask is aimed at a particular skin concern and support a professional treatment. If you are having a course of Meder Beauty treatments at a clinic or beauty salon, your aesthetician has probably advised you on what home care solutions you need and how to use them. If not and a beauty professional is not available to you for consultation, don’t despair! This simple instruction with checklist and helpful links to product pages will help you make your choice.

Generally, unless your beauty therapist advised you otherwise, concentrate should be applied daily, morning and night, and mask only once a week, always following the concentrate. We call it active correction course: approximately 5 weeks of applying concentrate daily and mask once a week, and you’ll only need one bottle of concentrate and one pack of masks* for this. After this, if you wish, you can continue using your chosen targeted care, applying concentrate once or twice a day, or take a break and enjoy a shorter skin care routine for a while.

However, you may discover that applying concentrate once a week works well enough for you, and it’s fine, too. The results may be less evident or slower to manifest, but if you are happy with it, there is no reason not to try. And of course every one of Meder Beauty masks can be used both to enhance the effect of concentrate and on their own — to strengthen and complement your beauty routine and give you that extra bit of pampering.

*All Meder Beauty masks are sold in boxes of 5.

Myo-Fix Concentrate & Mask — for mimic wrinkle control

Myo-Fix Concentrate & Mask were designed to be a safe, painless and natural alternative to injective treatments of forehead wrinkles.

You will benefit from it if:

  • you have expression lines on your forehead and bridge of your nose appearing when you frown or raise your eyebrows;

  • you have wrinkles in the corners of your eyes (crow’s feet) when you squint;

  • you have wrinkles (nasolabial folds) around your mouth that deepen, when you smile;

  • you have mimic wrinkles, expression lines, frown lines, laugh lines — not age-related wrinkles and lines.

Use Myo-Fix Concentrate daily, morning and night, applying it directly to the wrinkles and rubbing in with a cotton stick. It’s the way professionals do it. Use Myo-Fix Mask once a week for your correction course, or as often as you like on its own. Please note that Myo-Fix Concentrate is NOT compatible with retinol and its derivatives and alpha-hydroxy acids. Peptide molecules are destroyed by acids (if you’re feeling experimental, squeeze some lemon juice into your milk and see what happens) and you will have wasted your money trying to combine peptide-containing concentrate with non-compatible skincare. Nope, not even a cleanser.

Arma-Lift Concentrate & Mask — for anti-age firming & restoration

This is pretty straightforward. You will benefit from using Arma-Lift Concentrate & Mask, if:

  • you have fine lines & wrinkles and suspect they are age-related;

  • your skin is starting to lose firmness and look dull;

  • your skin is ageing, dry and thin and/OR you have had some traumatic anti-age treatment recently (laser, surgery, RF, chemical peel, etc);

  • you are over 45-50 years of age and feel the need for some anti-ageing therapy.

Apply the concentrate to the whole face daily, morning and night. Use the mask once a week (always after the concentrate) as part of your active correction, or on its own as often as is comfortable for you.

Hydra-Fill Concentrate & Mask — you guessed it

Hydration + filling — this is what Hydra-Fill targeted care is for. It’s hard to find anyone who wouldn’t benefit from it, but you will find Hydra-Fill especially useful, if:

  • your skin is dry, dehydrated or sunburned;

  • you are a frequent flier and spend a lot of time in air-conditioned rooms;

  • you smoke and/or live in a highly polluted area of the world;

  • you are often stressed and/or are preparing for an important event where you gotta shine (we’re looking at you, brides to be!)

Hydra-Fill Concentrate & Mask will quickly sort you out, moisturising and plumping your skin. Apply to the face (avoiding eye area) morning and night. Use the mask once a week for your correction course, or as often as desired on its own!

Eu-Seb Concentrate & Mask — for acne and oily skin

Let’s face it: adult acne gives many people a lot of grief. Acne is a source of quite significant discomfort, both physical when inflamed and psychological. Usually, if acne persists to adulthood, by the age of 30-something a person will have tried everything there is. If nothing helped, perhaps Eu-Seb targeted care can be the answer for you, but first we strongly recommend that you read our article on Prebiotics and probiotics in acne treatment and familiarise yourself with Meder Beauty approach. While antibiotic and retinol-based solutions have their use in acne treatment, we find these ingredients a tad too aggressive for already inflamed and sensitive skin. Meder Beauty offers to try and re-balance the delicate and diverse system that your microbiome is in order to restore the skin’s health.

So, you will benefit from Eu-Seb, if:

  • you have chronic persistent adult acne;

  • your skin is sensitive and prone to inflammation and breakouts;

  • you have oily skin with greasy shine;

  • you are taking medication for severe acne (such as Isotretinoin/Roaccutane) and need to minimise side effects and support your skin’s flora through it.

Apply Eu-Seb Concentrate twice a day and drop all alpha-hydroxy acids, retinol and its derivatives, antibiotics for the duration of treatment. Apply Eu-Seb Mask once a week following the concentrate or on its own as often as you wish.

Please note that Eu-Seb Concentrate is NOT compatible with retinol and its derivatives and alpha-hydroxy acids. HOWEVER, if you are undergoing some aggressive acne treatment and/or taking Roaccutane orally, you CAN apply Eu-Seb Concentrate to support your microflora and reduce the discomfort.

Lipo-Oval Concentrate & Mask — to reduce double-chin and puffy cheeks

Here is one thing we need to get straight here: there can be a lot of reasons why a face may be puffy . In many cases of having a double chin, simply improving your posture and holding your head up high can make all the difference. Some facial swelling, though, may by a symptom of a disease. If you are concerned, make sure you see a medical professional before opting for a cosmetic treatment or product.

Lipo-Oval targeted care was designed to reduce facial fat depots and help with puffiness resulting from poor drainage. We like to call it ‘anti-cellulite for the face.’ You will benefit from Lipo-Oval, if:

  • you often see your face puffy and bloated and/or you sometimes overindulge and would still like to look sharp come Monday morning;

  • you would like your face to look slimmer;

  • you have bags under eyes and so-called malar bags;

  • you are in the process of weight loss and would like to prevent sagging of the skin.

Apply Lipo-Oval Concentrate to the middle and lower parts of the face (there’s simply no point to waste it on your forehead) daily, morning and night. Use the mask once a week as part of correction course, or as often as you like on its own.

Red-Apax Concentrate & Mask — for red and sensitive skin

In 2018 Meder Beauty Science introduced Red-Apax professional treatment. Today both Red-Apax Concentrate and Red-Apax Mask are available in our home range. These are for you, if:

  • you suffer from rosacea* or persistent redness;

  • you have very sensitive skin and frequent allergic reaction to cosmetics;

  • you just had laser or RF treatment, chemical peel or other skin injury;

  • you have couperosis, visible capillaries, spider veins.

  • you’re going through menopause and suffer from hot flashes;

  • your skin is often red, hot and irritated for whatever reason.

*Please keep in mind that rosacea is a skin condition requiring dermatological treatment prescribed by a medical professional. Red-Apax Concentrate is not a drug! It will, however, help ease redness and discomfort.

Use the concentrate daily twice a day, and the mask at least once a week, daily if you are recovering from a laser treatment at the moment.

We hope you found this article helpful.

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