What is the meaning of numbers on Meder Beauty bottles?

Numbers on the packaging indicate the order of application.

  1. Cleansers are marked number 1, meaning they should always be applied first.
  2. Number 2 is Enzy-Peel Double Action Exfoliating Mask. Exfoliate once a week — after washing your face. 
  3. Antioxidant serums are 3. They prepare the skin for active care and strengthen its own protection. 
  4. Concentrates are 4. The important thing about them is that they come after cleanser, exfoliator and serum, but always before your day cream. 
  5. Masks follow concentrates (once or twice a week), they are number 5. It is always better to use concentrate and mask of one line, but if you’d rather use just one or the other, that’s okay too. 
  6. Number 6 is our 6th Element — extra care for your daily routine. If you’re using concentrate and/or mask, apply your chosen 6th solution after. 
  7. Face & neck creams, as well as eye cream, are usually number 7. The only eye cream in our range so far numbered 6 is Blepharo-Light. You know why? Because you can use 2 eye creams simultaneously, in which case Blepharo-Light comes first, and Blepharo-Rich — second. 
  8. Number 8 is our fab Arma-Bust Cream for bust and décolleté. 

Your routine does not have to be elaborate, you can experiment, try and see what works for you. But whatever you do, apply Meder Beauty products in the correct order, because it affects the results and can, in some cases, impede or negate the effect.