My skin feels all tight when I use Hydra-Fill Concentrate. Is this normal?

It is normal, and here’s why this happens.

The key active ingredient of Hydra-Fill Concentrate is hyaluronic acid which helps draw and retain water in the surface layers of the skin. However, if the air around you is overly dry (air conditioner, anyone?), hyaluronic acid and all moisturisers of the similar effect, cannot retain water and starts to evaporate creating a thin layer on the skin surface to stop water from draining in the deep skin layers. This effect actually helps the skin remain moisturised in the dry climate, but it can be somewhat uncomfortable. To stop this from happening you can apply Hydra-Fill Concentrate in the most humid environment you can comfortably create, like a bathroom after you’ve just taken a shower. After applying the concentrate, seal it in with a day cream to help your skin remain moisturised through the day.