Knowledge Base

Skin care research and transparency has always been important to Meder Beauty Science. Since Dr. Tiina Meder founded the company in 2009 she considered honesty and education the best strategy. All Meder Beauty solutions are based on scientific data and extensive studies of cosmetic ingredients, their benefits, effect, combination possibilities and ability to penetrate into the skin. We research the safety of each ingredient combination and create a system of skin care, which enhances and supports the effect of each individual product.It is very important for us that our customers choose skincare consciously, knowing exactly what they need and why.

Meder Beauty Science is known primarily for our highly effective professional treatments. In our daily work with aesthetic practitioners we use medical textbooks and professional papers, recommended by recognised medical authorities such as the British Association of Dermatologists, DermNet NZ and others. However, it isn’t just the professionals that we’re working for. We have deep respect for people both interested in skincare and trying to educate themselves on the subject. This Knowledge Base is for everyone who wants to know more, not just about Meder Beauty, but also about the skin, how it functions and what you can do to keep it healthy.