Dr Sophie Shotter, award-winning aesthetic doctor practicing holistic approach to skin care and skin health, praises Meder Beauty Science in her blog.

If you’re a fan of skincare, then you’ve probably used a few products in your time that have promised exceptional results on the packaging, but when it came to delivery, they just couldn’t follow through. Unfortunately, this is why so many people are reluctant to believe that skincare can really change their skin. But what makes the difference between an effective product and an ineffective one is whether it contains decent quality ingredients, at sufficient levels of concentration to give a result, in a formula that gets them where they need to go.

And one brand that does this exceptionally well is Meder Beauty Science, a leading skincare brand developed by Estonian cardiologist-turned-dermatologist Dr Tiina Meder, and is one of the first to champion microbiome friendly high-performance skincare. So, what exactly is Meder Beauty Science, what can you expect from its products and what sets it apart from other skincare brands?

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