Meet Meder Hero Sets!

Just in time for your festive shopping

Not only do you get to purchase all Meder heroes in one go,
but you’ll also receive a 20% discount on full-size versions of hero products after buying the Meder Heroes Set.

New, upgraded and award-winning formulations,
named the future of skincare by the prominent skin doctors,
available for limited time only.

Meder Hero Set features all Meder star products — new, upgraded and award-winning. We are very proud to present an all-star set allowing for a unique opportunity to sample 7 fantastic products in one box.

Recognised both by industry professionals and regular customers, these have been awarded multiple times, from Marie Claire’s Prix d’ Excellense de la Beauté to Vita-Long to Attracta Beauty for Hydra-Fill Mask and Circa-Night Cream, the latter recently crowned the best new night moisturising product by Marie Claire and Real Beauty!

This festive edition Hero Set would make a lovely gift for someone special or a treat for yourself, and you’ll get 20% off all full-sized products included in the set! 

Meder Beauty Awards

What’s in the Meder Hero Set

  • 1 full-size ampoule of Vita-Long Oil, age-defying epigenetic veil able to restore the natural healthy sebum production and prolong the cells’ life cycle.
  • 1 single sachet of the best beauty mask there is, Hydra-Fill, a truly cult product and a beauty must-have for all.
  • 1 mini dose of the newest Meder offering, our fantastic Circa-Night Cream — multiple awards’ winner and an instant favourite with everyone who tries it.
  • 1 mini dose of Hydra-Fill Concentrate for 3D hydration with awesome ionic water magnets, hyaluronic acid, prebiotic and probiotic.
  • 1 mini dose of Arma-Lift Concentrate with its strong age-defying effect restoring the skin’s own protection and regeneration.
  • 1 mini dose of Arma-Neck, Top Sante Award silver laureate a fierce protector of neck skin, fighting free radicals and sun damage.
  • 1 mini dose of the recently upgraded Arma-Bust Cream with 5 times more kigelin to help keep the skin of the breasts firm, smooth and bright.

Best masks ever, now in a luxury gift set!

Join the likes of Carey Mulligan, Rosamund Pike and recently spotted in Meder Mask Emma Stone — try 3 of our most versatile masks, 6 sachets of pure bliss in one beautiful box. Treat someone special in your life or your lovely self.

Dr Meder is very proud of the masks she personally designed. Cut to fit your face perfectly and used on the go if needed, Meder Masks are famous for their strong transformative effect on the skin as well. Meder Masks are made of organic bamboo fibre, which is able to absorb a stunning amount of active gel, nearly 30 ml. No other mask out there offers this amount of super active ingredients in one application. Each mask contains calming peptides preventing skin reactions and soothing irritation.

What’s in the Meder Masks Gift Set

  • 2 sachets of Hydra-Fill Mask, a go-to instant beauty solution for everyone. Celebrities rave about it, skin professionals swear by it. When you need to look your best on an important day, you can rely on Hydra-Fill to deliver fresh and bright look and feel to your skin. 
  • 2 sachets of Lipo-Oval Mask, a party people’s solution to quickly restore that chiseled smart look when it’s slightly damaged by holiday indulgence. Thanks to its stimulating effect, Lipo-Oval is a firm favourite with people on a weight-loss regime and everyone experiencing puffiness in the morning.
  • 2 sachets of Red-Apax Mask, a calming miracle instantly soothing red, angry, inflamed or damaged skin. A saviour for rosacea sufferers and people with highly sensitive skin. 

Hurry up and get yours! The sets are here for limited time only. 

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