Meder Beauty Science has updated the bestselling anti-age mask, Arma-Lift.

The key active ingredient remains unchanged: Epidermal Growth Factor is a signalling peptide able to re-establish and enhance the skin’s regeneration, increase the synthesis of all primary structural elements and improve cellular communication in the skin. Ageing is believed by many to lead to the accumulation of damage from stress, pollution, UV exposure and other factors, and almost always pigmentation disturbances begin to develop with age.

With that in mind, we include alpha arbutin, a very powerful and at the same time safe brightening ingredient. Hyaluronic acid of various molecular weights moisturises, soothes and stimulates the skin, making the overall effect of Arma-Lift mask a perfect combination of moisturising and lifting.


What’s New

The new version of Arma-Lift mask affects facial muscles as well as the skin thanks to a new ingredient in the formulation, arginine. As many would already know, arginine is an amino acid which oxygenises the muscles and restores their tone and elasticity. Facial muscles lose muscle tone with age, but the use of arginine helps make them stronger and thicker, restoring the facial contour and shape.

It is now known, that the key factor in age-related skin dryness is the change in the expression of certain genes in the skin cells. As it turns out, this process can be affected by a small doze of urea, also known as carbamide. Urea stimulates the syntheses of all primary proteins in the epidermis and of antimicrobial peptides in the keratinous layer, restoring the skin’s natural protection and making it smooth and moisturised.

Carrageenan, extracted from an alga called Chondrus Crispus, is combined with natural Japanese polysaccharide Pullulan to create a delicate hydrating film layer on the skin surface. This film retains moisture on the skin surface, while also restoring the skin’s natural microbiome. An added moisturising action is provided by Allantoin which, at the same time, enhances the restoration and regeneration of the skin soothing it, reducing redness and sensitivity, smoothing out the skin’s surface and reducing the damage caused by UV exposure.

The upgraded Arma-Lift mask provides an instant lifting and refreshing effect combined with deep hydration of the skin and therapeutic rejuvenating effect.

We have also made an important choice to remove fragrance from the mask’s active gel in order to further minimise the risk of allergic reaction. Fragrance-free masks can be used after all kinds of medical procedures without any discomfort for the patients.

Who should use Arma-Lift mask?

Arma-Lift mask will be beneficial for the people who prefer a younger look and do not want to tolerate age-related skin changes. There is no need, however, to start using Arma-Lift mask before the actual changes start appearing. We recommend Arma-Lift mask to the customers who are older than 40–45 and are concerned with objective signs of skin ageing.

However, there are no age restrictions when Arma-Lift mask is used for the skin restoration after chemical peel, laser resurfacing and other aesthetic treatments. In these cases, we recommend using Arma-Lift mask 1–2 times a week for several weeks after the above mentioned treatments to accelerate the skin’s renewal and to prevent possible complications and side effects.