In the recent years Meder Beauty Science Equa-Derm cream has been rightfully praised as one of the most effective care solutions for oily skin. Meder Beauty Science pioneered prebiotic therapy for problem skin as early as 2013, successfully introducing prebiotic Bioecolia for the restoration of the skin’s ecological microbiome. Thanks to avocutin, extracted from avocado pulp, Equa-Derm reduced the sebum production by 30% in the first few weeks of application making the skin more matte and healthy looking. Indian tamarind seed extract has anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties, while also acting as a prebiotic helps the development of normalising microflora on the skin.

The upgraded formulation of Equa-Derm cream contains a new ingredient, the extract of a very rare mushroom called Agarikon (Fomes officinalis). Today many microbiologists and virologists pin their hopes onto Agarikon in their quest to find an effective remedy for the particularly resistant forms of severe infections. Agarikon extract helps conquer severe and chronic skin inflammation in acne patients due to its ability to suppress the development of bacteria that have become resistant to antibiotics as a result of previous, unsuccessful treatments. Agarikon’s ability to affect the structures of parasympathetic nervous system in the skin is quite unique. Chronically oily skin almost always has wide pores, too: it is a manifestation of a particular condition, called vegetative vascular dystonia (VVC), constantly preserving the skin and muscles in a state characteristic for deep sleep. Agarikon effectively raises the skin from its sleep, restoring the healthy microcirculation and drainage, increasing its elasticity, tightening pores, smoothing out the skin’s surface and eliminating the characteristic spongy look.

The new version of Equa-Derm cream for oily skin will make the skin matte, calm and smooth in the first 2–3 weeks of use. The key here, as always with acne, is consistent daily use.

Who should use Equa-Derm cream?

Equa-Derm Cream is designed specially for men and women with problem skin, including the skin suffering from mild to severe inflammation. We also recommend using Ed7 to provide normalising care for uneven, porous skin with wide pores and to treat post-acne skin changes.

How to use Equa-Derm Cream

Apply Equa-Derm Cream twice a day, morning and night. For best results combine with Meder Beauty Science cleanser and serum, and Eu-Seb concentrate.   

Results: matte, smooth and healthy looking skin in a few weeks of regular use.


Antibiotics, topical solutions containing retinol, antiseptics (benzoic acid derivatives, benzoyl peroxide, alcohol, etc) and various acids (including glycolic acid and salicylic acid) may tamper with the effect of prebiotic therapy! Equa-Derm Cream, as well as other Meder Beauty Science prebiotic solutions, is incompatible with all of the above.