21st and 22nd of April will see Dr Tiina Meder giving multiple talks at Baltic Anti-age Symposium in Riga, Latvia. The annual cluster of conferences and educational talks for aesthetic professionals has been gathering industry experts for over 10 years now.

On day 1 of Baltic Anti-age Symposium Dr Meder will give 2 lectures. The first one will be solely dedicated to cosmetic ingredients and their action in the skin structures, a topic in which Dr Meder is a world-renowned expert. What to look for in cosmetics to achieve strong anti-age effect? Which ingredients to avoid? What cosmetic components have a bad rep and which actually deserve it. All of this and more in Dr Meder’s lecture at 12.00 on the 21st of April. The second talk of the day is on skin diagnostics and dermatological approach in anti-age and aesthetic practices.

Day 2 will start with a sensational talk on Epigenetic effect in cosmetics. Does modern science actually allow us to slow down ageing? Will epigenetics change our anti-age treatments forever? Can we really look years younger using only topical skincare? If you are in Riga, Latvia on the day, don’t miss this!