Meder Beauty Science is starting 2019 with an upgrade of Arma-Lift Treatment!

Why Skin Becomes Dry with Age

Numerous dermatological studies back up the observations of practicing beauty therapists: the skin becomes drier with age. However, until recently age- related skin dryness was attributed to sebum deficit developing with age, which falls in line with the predominant deficit theory of ageing. According to this theory, human body becomes less efficient with age, the synthesis of all vital elements decreases leading to age-related changes and diseases. However, in the recent decades new data has come into view suggesting a more optimistic prognosis. While age-related decrease in sebum production is real and does contribute to skin dryness — it isn’t the only reason for skin ageing. Other significant factors include the deficit of ceramides in the keratinous layer, which is most likely linked to certain genes ‘turning off’ in the skin cells; constant free radical damage, accumulated effects of UV radiation, stress and smoking.

What We Can Do about Skin Dryness

To sum up all of the above, we can confidently say that dry skin needs skincare able to compensate for the lack of lipids and restore the skin’s protective mantle from the inside. An updated research-based formula of Arma-Derm Cream for dry skin contains new powerful ingredients with epigenetic effect. The base of the cream remains unchanged: sweet almond oil rich in omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids with potent healing and restorative effect. Sweet almond oil is particularly beneficial for sun-damaged skin. To increase the cream’s protective and healing properties, we added jojoba oil effectively compensating for the deficit of the skin’s own sebum, protecting the skin from infections and toxins and smoothing it out. Combined with sweet almond oil, jojoba oil quickly restores the skin’s keratinous layer and the feeling of comfort. Both oils are rich in fat-soluble vitamins, especially vitamin E and C. However, we added some extra vitamin E to Arma-Derm Cream to provide maximum protection to the cell membranes in the epidermis and protect the skin from stress and free radical damage.

Finally, Arma-Derm Cream contains innovative new ingredient: the extract of a rare alga called Padina Pavonica (also called Peacock’s Tail for its rainbow-like colours and the shape similar to feathery bird tail). Padina Pavonica extract contains a unique ingredient, ‘live calcium’ — ionised mineral protein able to restore the activity of calcium channels in the skin cells, which in its turn restores the communication between the deep and surface skin cells, re-establishing the skin’s renewal and even the synthesis of ceramides and collagen.

The Effect of Arma-Derm Cream

Not only does Arma-Derm Cream restore the feeling of comfort, but it also brings back the skin’s own ability to protect itself without the shield of more traditional occlusive skin creams for ageing skin. In the upgraded Arma-Lift Treatment, Arma-Derm Cream is replacing the finishing Derma-Fill Cream, to increase the patients’ comfort after the treatment, which is especially important for older patients.

Arma-Derm Cream for home care is available online