Celebrating Vita-Long Oil!

Last night our very own epigenetic veil, Vita-Long Oil, has received the prestigious Best of Beauty award from Glamour Magazine Russia. Based on the readers’ votes, Vita-Long Oil was named the best solution for restoring the skin’s lipid balance in the anti-ageing category. We are immensely proud and very thankful to everyone who voted for us, all friends of Meder Beauty over in Russia and our Russian distributor, Strategy M Ltd.

Vita-Long contains 10 natural oils, 5 powerful anti-oxidants and 3 epigenetic ingredients that prolong the cells’ life cycle, restore the skin’s own protective mantle and mobilise all of the skin’s resources to conquer ageing.

It’s not the first time Vita-Long has been noted: one of its epigenetic components, Ephemer, was awarded for innovation in May, 2018.

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