After carefully considering the feedback we get from Meder Beauty Science professional and home users we have decided to change the name of the eye cream Blepharo-Night 7BN to Blepharo-Light 6BL and update the instructions for its use. By this change we are hoping to achieve a better understanding of the cream’s effect and its most efficient use as well as the rise of popularity of Meder Beauty Science eye care.

Blepharo-Night was designed for the prevention and correction of circulation disturbances, puffy eyelids and dark circles. It makes a visible difference while also being light and easy to use. For years now Blepharo-Night has been one of Meder Beauty’s bestsellers.

Natural lecithin gives the cream a delicate gel-like texture while also softening and moisturising the skin around the eyes. Caffeine, niacinamide and escin in the cream have a draining, anti-puffiness and stimulating effect, restore the capillary wall and strengthen the blood vessels. With regular use, niacinamide and caffeine enhance the synthesis of collagen, a vital protein for thicker and more elastic skin. We have always recommended using Blepharo-Night once a day, before bed, to prevent and correct bags under eyes and dark circles; however it can just as effectively be used twice a day as an anti-ageing capillary stimulating solution.


To make the choice easier for our customers, we have decided to change the name Blepharo-Night 7BN to Blepharo-Light 6BL.

The name should let the customers know that this is not necessarily a night time solution, while simultaneously conveying the cream’s light structure. Number 6 in the name means that this cream can be used as basic eye care, and indicates the correct way of combining it with other Meder Beauty eye care solutions.

Blepharo-Light + Blepharo-Day recommended 

  • to smokers

  • during high solar activity

  • for all active workouts and extreme sports (mountain skis, swimming, surfing, hiking, etc)

  • to all living in highly polluted areas

Blepharo-Day Eye Cream actively protects the fragile skin under the eyes from ultraviolet, toxic particles in polluted air and smoke, reducing the water loss and enhancing the skin’s barrier.

Blepharo-Light + Blepharo-Rich recommended 

  • when the first signs of ageing start to appear in the eye area
  • to correct wrinkles in the eye area

  • for pigmentation disturbances in the eye area

  • when the skin under the eyes feels particularly dry and thin

Launched in 2017, Blepharo-Rich Eye Cream softens and nourishes the skin around the eyes, stimulates the syntheses of the skin’s structural proteins, restores the skin’s thickness and elasticity. Blepharo-Rich eye cream is able to provide epigenetic stimulation of the skin cells in the deeper layers of the skin slowing down ageing and increasing the skin’s natural protection.

Blepharo-Light as primary eye care recommended

  • to treat puffiness and bags under eyes if not accompanied with other skin concerns or signs of ageing
  • to prevent the development of bags or circles under eyes

  • to prevent ageing in the eye area

 Blepharo-Light cream is suitable for all ages. It can be prescribed as a preparatory and restoring solution to be used together with various aesthetic treatments, such as laser or radiofrequency therapy and also surgery in the eye area.

Instructions for use: apply a small amount of Blepharo-Light Bl6 cream onto the skin around the eyes. For best results precede with Meder Beauty Science cleanser and serum suitable for your skin’s sensitivity level. Apply Blepharo-Light twice a day, morning and night. If necessary, combine with Blepharo-Day eye cream or Blepharo-Rich eye cream, depending on the particular skin concern. When combining with other Meder eye care, always apply Blepharo-Light first.