Summer is over and now is a great time to adjust your skin care regimen for the new season. 

Discuss your skin goals and concerns with the Meder Beauty brand founder! Dr Tiina Meder will be offering personal consultations online all September! 

Dr Tiina Meder is a dermatologist, expert in professional skincare with more than 25 years of practical experience. Her specialties are sensitive skin care, treating rosacea and adult acne in women, skincare for hyperpigmentation and age related skin changes.

During the consultation you will be able to discuss your skin condition, concerns and goals, while learning about the treatments or medical grade skincare products that you should be incorporating into your daily routine as the season changes. You can also discuss potentially useful tests to find out more about your biological age and ageing patterns, age management strategy including aesthetic treatments and the use of supplements.

Following the session you will receive a Personalised Treatment Plan from Dr Tiina Meder detailing her recommendations to you which you can refer back to any time.

30 minute online consultation with Dr Meder £150

The slots are limited!  

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