Meder Beauty Science proudly presents our newest epigenetic solution called Vita-Long Oil.

The First Ever Epigenetic Longevity Veil

What Does Epigenetic Mean?

In a nutshell, epigenetics is a study of biological factors that switch genes on and off. Basically, we are largely defined by our genes. Well, certain things can cause the genes to be expressed or silenced over time. These things can be food, natural or chemical elements or even life’s circumstances, such as exercise, stress and ageing. And they all will be essentially epigenetic: affecting the genes’ behaviour without actually changing their structure.

Is It Good or Bad for Me? 

Depending on the source and the genes affected, the effect of epigenetic impact can be good or bad. The more we learn with the help of modern science, the better we understand how to protect ourselves from harm. Epigenetics has a great potential for curing diseases, such as cancer, and even reversing ageing. Step by step, the great scientific breakthroughs make miracles possible, even in cosmetics and beauty industry.

What is Vita-Long Oil?

We like to call it Longevity Veil. Vita-Long Oil is a daily care solution for the prevention and correction of ageing. It is a light glistening golden oil packed in red plastic tubes for every day use. We are very proud of the formula and composition. Let us tell you why!

Vita-Long is based on 10 natural vegetable and seed oils. The oil blend imitates the skin’s own protective lipid mantle. We managed to replicate a healthy skin’s sebum at the age of 25–27. This is when the skin’s protective ability is at its peak.

5 anti-oxidants neutralise free radicals and protect the skin from harmful effect of UV.

Epigenetic complex consists of 3 smart ingredients, able to affect the expression of positive genes. As a result, the skin’s regeneration and production of structural elements are increased.

Epigenetic ingredients

  • ubiquinone (coenzyme Q10) oxygenises the skin cells;
  • teprenone (GGA) stabilises the telomeres and prolongs the cells’ lifespan by 30% and more;
  • Ephemer™ (extracted from the ephemer cells of Japanese alga wakame) is a biologically active complex restoring and maintaining the mitochondrial
    DNA (The Mitochondrial Eve).

Basically, this is why we call Vita-Long Oil — longevity veil. It is a strong epigenetic weapon against the effects of age, stress and pollution. Vita-Long Oil restores the skin’s health and youthful look from the first days of use. With regular application, all signs of ageing start going away. The skin becomes more elastic, complexion evens out and wide pores shrink.

This unique complex of 18 components is applied for the first time in the history of beauty industry. Vita-Long Oil is one of the first solutions containing ingredients with scientifically proven epigenetic activity.

We recommend using Vita-Long Oil every day, morning and night, for at least 7 weeks. After that Vita-Long Oil can become a part of essential routine applied once or twice a day to maintain the skin’s health and slow down ageing.

To celebrate the launch, we take 20% off all orders, that include a large box (7 x 7 ml) of Vita-Long Oil. The discount will be applied automatically in your basket. The offer is valid till 23.59 GMT on the 11th of March.