This year Intelligent Beauty Congress, an international conference for dermatologists and aesthetic professionals, was held in Kyiv, Ukraine. 

On the 18th and 19th of September over 150 aesthetic doctors, dermatologists and cosmetic experts from 9 countries gathered in the pavilions of the largest beauty industry trade expo, Intercharm Ukraine to discuss the latest trends and scientific discoveries in skin care and dermatology. 

We are proud to say that Dr Tiina Meder was chief academic advisor and one of the top speakers at the Congress. The interdisciplinary program devised by Dr Meder consisted of 4 panels: 

  • Ageing: the Scientific Perspective
  • Dermatology: Skin Diseases and Aesthetic Medicine Today
  • Skin Protection: Various Aspects
  • Microbiome: a New Approach to Old Concerns

Each session was followed by talks on Online Cosmetology exploring the ethics of aesthetic profession in the digital world, from beauty blogging to customer care.

16 key speakers arrived from 5 countries to give their talks on genetics, microbiology and gerontology, the science of ageing. Dermatology doctors and medical practitioners explained the connection between the skin condition and general health, how lifestyle and diet affect the skin, which beauty advice is applicable — and which should be treated with caution. Cosmetic developers shared the knowledge of the newest ingredients and how soon we can expect a magic rejuvenation elixir! Aesthetic practitioners demonstrated their case studies of the latest therapy methods and instruments. 

Meder Beauty Science was happy to support the Congress along with Reviderm, Biologique Recherche, Maria Galland Paris and Morshinskaya, a Ukrainian mineral water brand.