Last Chance to Buy: DIY FACIAL KITS  

Hello, lovely!

As you may know at the time of quarantine we introduced DIY Facial kits to help the customers who struggled without their Meder facials. Each kit was a box of 5 facials to be performed once a week + concentrate for everyday use.

The kits were a success, both with the customers and the beauty pros who sold them to their clients when they were unable to see each other in person. Once again we felt like a part of the large and vibrant professional beauty community.

However, things they are a-changing, as the song goes, and this time the change is good. All over Britain and the world slowly but surely beauty establishments are opening their doors again and welcoming customers for in-person treatments. We salute our fantastic professional partners, whose resilience at the time of hardships made it possible for them to come out stronger on the other side. And in order to help them out some more we are, once again, removing the kits designed for professional use from our online shelves.

You can still purchase DIY Facial Kits only till October, 15th. After that facials will only be available at the salons from qualified beauty therapists and life goes back to normal.  

Buy DIY Facial Kit before they’re gone

We understand that some people may have gotten accustomed to DIY facials. They are very good indeed. If that’s you, please email our Customer Care team: and they will do their best to advise alternatives or direct you towards the nearest Meder certified pro in your area.