Meder Beauty Science — 10 Years of Success

10th Anniversary Conference

Dr Tiina Meder, international heads of distribution, colleagues and friends will gather together to talk latest developments in cosmetic industry. In the last 10 years, Meder Beauty Science has come a long way, from 1 cosmetic treatment to 6 advanced programs of aesthetic therapy and 25 highly effective biotech skincare products, including microbiome-friendly prebiotic and probiotic solutions, epigenetic longevity veil, peptide-based alternative to injective treatments and many other research-based solutions.

Meder Beauty’s care principle is based on latest scientific discoveries and Dr Meder’s medical background. Regular, routine skin care rather than aggressive impact is where the future of cosmetology lies, as people get more and more invested in their health and happiness, rather than lookist stereotypes.

Meder Beauty trainers and international aesthetic professionals will hold a Panel with in-depth discussions and seminars. The topics include:

  • New trends and future technology in cosmetics.
  • Cosmetic chemistry: how to get around the physiology of stratum corneum?

  • SAFETY FIRST! Newest protocols of post-treatment care after high-intensity treatments.

  • Research date & scientific finds in everyday aesthetic practice. Clinical cases presented by the leading cosmetologists of Meder Beauty Science.

  • 10 things you need to know about microbiome

  • Beauty therapist online: how earn and maintain good professional reputation?

  • Why do clinics need professional skincare and how to overcome objections.

  • What will the future bring? Plans, dreams and inspiration.

  • Questions & Answers for Meder Beauty international trainers.

31st of March is also the Day of non-invasive techniques at Intelligent Beauty Baltic

Dr Tiina Meder will moderate the Non-Invasive panel of the International Congress of aesthetic professionals, Intelligent Beauty in Riga.

The theme of discussion will be a new concept of age and the impact of today’s science. Genetics of aging, innovations and latest trends in dermatology, laser medicine, aesthetic medicine and cosmetology will be talked over by the leading professionals in the industry.

The highlights of the program are:

  • In search of the elixir of youth: yesterday, today and tomorrow.

  • Epigenetic approach in modern cosmetology.

  • Beauty treatments for dermatology patients: limitations, features, opportunities.

  • Antioxidants, their role in skincare and anti-ageing effect.

  • Laser treatment and professional cosmetics: when does laser medicine really need the help of skincare?

  • Skin protection: an invisible shield from harmful environment.

  • Microbiome-friendly treatments in the therapy of dermatoses.

To celebrate 10 years Anniversary of Meder Beauty Science we are offering 25% off all weekend, from 00.00 Friday 29th of March till 12.00 Monday the 1st of April (GMT).

(Professional treatments and One Day Trip set not included, our regular Terms of Service apply.)