Meder Beauty Science is going to be available in Taiwan! Despite CoVid-19 outbreak and international quarantine in place, we are expanding. Meder Beauty International has signed distribution agreement with MYGUARD Co. Ltd Taiwan.

MYGUARD Co Ltd has over 20 years of professional experience and is committed to the development of novel cosmetic and beauty care technology over the long term. MYGUARD not only has a long-term partnership with global cosmetic brands and medical dermatology institutes , but acts as the agent and develops skin & hair diagnostic systems and optical instruments to evaluate the needs of the customers and provide professional services.
Compared to traditional diagnostic system, MYGUARD introduces innovative technology into aesthetic medicine and cosmetology by combining the application of mobile devices, so you could skip complicated steps and create an interactive relation with customers.

We are very pleased to welcome a new partner in wonderful Taiwan and hope to gain recognition with Taiwanese customers!