Meder Beauty Science launches a new professional treatment for redness and sensitive skin!

What It Is

The new treatment is called Red-Apax. It was developed specially for very sensitive skin suffering from redness, flushes and hypersensitivity. The new program is also recommended for speedy recovery after skin injury. We would strongly advise Red-Apax Treatment after chemical peels, dermabrasion, laser and facial surgery as well.

How It Works

Like all Meder Beauty Science treatments, Red-Apax includes 6 steps. All of these steps answer to the special needs of sensitive and damaged skin. Biotech and natural components calm the skin and suppress inflammation. At the same time Meder facial protocol ensures maximum impact of active ingredients. Every product used during Red-Apax treatment comes in disposable packaging. Thus beauty therapists can combine Red-Apax treatment with invasive methods, when there is no added risk of infection. 

Related Skincare

For the first time ever, professional versions of Net-Apax Cleansing Gel and Soin-Apax Serum are used in the clinical treatment. Both cleanser and serum are our best solutions for sensitive skin. They provide instant relief to itchy and irritated skin surface. The cleanser alone manages to soothe and moisturise the skin. The serum, full of Centella asiatica goodness, instantly calms irritated angry skin. All our products are clinically tested, and they are perfectly safe even for very sensitive skin prone to redness.

The treatment is finished with a professional version of Equa-Derm Cream. Not long ago, Equa-Derm Cream’s formula was updated. The new version has very strong matting and soothing properties.

New Targeted Care to Follow!

We created Red-Apax concentrate and Red-Apax mask specially for the new anti-redness treatment. Both professional solutions have anti-inflammatory and calming effect. Thus Red-Apax concentrate and mask enhance regeneration, strengthen the capillaries and restore the diversity of healthy skin microbiome. A full course will bring much-needed relief to redness sufferers!

Home care versions of Red-Apax targeted care will also follow in the near future.

Number of Treatments

We recommend a course of 5 Red-Apax treatments within 3–5 weeks. Duration of treatment is 45–60 minutes. To maintain the achieved results, repeat the treatments every 4–6 weeks depending on individual skin concerns, age and lifestyle.