EPHEMER™ is one of epigenetic ingredients in our newest release, Vita-Long Oil.

In 2016 it was awarded well-deserved Gold in Green nomination of in-cosmetics Innovation Zone.

EPHEMER™ combines innovative science and highly beneficial product features. Green Award is for ecologically and ethically sourced innovative hi-tech ingredients.

EPHEMER™ is a cosmetic ingredient, created in a most fascinating way from ephemeral macroalgae cells for a long lasting anti-aging effect.

Scientifically speaking, EPHEMER™ is a gametophyte extract taken from macroalgae cells grown in a laboratory and harvested at an ephemeral stage in the life cycle of Undaria Pinnatifida seaweed. During this growth stage, the macroalgal cells accumulate anti-oxidant molecules. 

EPHEMER™ preserves mitochondrial DNA, which is essential for skin renewal. It has been proven to fight against a large spectrum of free radicals, one of the primary causes of skin ageing.

Meder Beauty Science uses EPHEMER™ in Vita-Long Oil.