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The most effective no-needle Botox alternative
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Dr Sophie Shotter is an award-winning aesthetic doctor working from her own star clinic in Kent and from The Cosmetic Skin Clinic in London and Buckinghamshire.

— The Myo-Fix would be my first choice for anyone who does not want or cannot have Botox. Many people feel that injections are a step too far for them, or are afraid of needles. Myo-Fix would provide an excellent Botox alternative for them. Pregnant and breastfeeding women cannot have Botox, but could use the Myo-Fix. And anyone who has medical conditions making Botox unsuitable could also consider Myo-Fix.

— If you start using it around the 4 month mark post Botox (just as it’s wearing off), and apply it 1-2 times per day to areas where you have expressive wrinkles then you can achieve an excellent extension to your results.

— I treat many actors who are concerned about Botox, as their facial expressions are crucial to their job. Myo-Fix would be an excellent Botox alternative for actors, as they will maintain their full range of expressions, but lines and wrinkles will be much softer. It can also be an excellent option for people who’ve unfortunately experienced negative side effects from Botox. This could be mild side effects such as transient puffiness around the eyes, or more significant side effects like eyebrow or eyelid heaviness (ptosis). Using Myo-Fix would prevent these problems from recurring.


Argireline used in Myo-Fix is a new form of the famous muscle-relaxing peptide modified so that it can penetrate deeper into the skin. Modified Argireline has a botox-like effect: it interferes with the signal from the nerve fibre to the mimic muscle. If the facial muscle doesn’t contract, the skin stops being stretched and creased and the wrinkles smooth out. You can use it to prolong the effect of your botox or on its own. Unlike injections, however, Myo-Fix will allow you to frown — if you really want to, and the results will look natural.

Peptide Leuphasyl literally de-stresses your skin. It’s key effect is reducing the skin’s response and sensitivity to various stress factors. Leuphasyl further relaxes facial muscles allowing for a smoother skin and a naturally serene expression. Leuphasyl works in strong synergy with Argirelin, which means that these two ingredients, amazing as they are on their own, are even stronger together! Moreover, Leuphasyl helps support the residual effect of your previous botox injections, if you had them.

Syn-Ake is a super small molecule, able to go deep into the skin without the help of a needle. This innovative peptide is very close in its structure to the paralysing toxin present in the venom of Indian temple viper, but without, you know, the deadly part. Syn-Ake can partially block the ion channels in the neurons of mimic muscles, basically forcing the tense and stressed muscle to relax and smooth the skin. By increasing the effects of Argireline and Leuphasyl, Syn-Ake also prolongs the effect of previous botox, but is just as effective on its own. 



Individual results may vary. Photos courtesy of Dr Bartsch (Germany) and Dr Shatrova (Russia). All rights reserved.


You’ll see the results in the first week, for stable effect use twice a day for 5 weeks.

Please don’t mix Myo-Fix with AHAs and retinol, your results may be affected.

Unlike injections, Myo-Fix is safe to use when you’re pregnant, breastfeeding or planning a family.

Myo-Fix is just as effective during and after menopause. For best results exfoliate regularly! 

Please follow the instructions carefully!

Do not apply Myo-Fix Concentrate on the eyelids! 

Apply Myo-Fix Concentrate daily, mask once a week.  

For best results apply Myo-Fix Concentrate with a cotton stick. 


To maximise your results, use Myo-Fix Concentrate daily, twice a day, and Myo-Fix Mask once a week (after the concentrate). Make sure you exfoliate regularly to help the peptides penetrate into the skin. Apply the concentrate with a cotton stick and rub into the skin. Please keep in mind that peptides are destroyed by harsh aggressive ingredients, such as retinol and AHAs, and avoid these while using Myo-Fix Concentrate.

If you’d like a complete routine, imitating a salon facial, try our Beauty Advisor or chat with one of our friendly consultants. Both Myo-Fix Concentrate and Mask are also available as samples. Peptides are skin-friendly, easy to apply and safe even when you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, planning a family or going through menopause.