Get the Gloss team reviews products launched (or updated and re-released) in October 2021, and Arma-Bust Cream is one of their picks!

Here’s what they say:

I’m sometimes sceptical about skincare that claims to be firming, but this line was created by medical doctor and dermatologist Dr Tiina Meder, who specialises in aesthetic dermatology, and has the backing of aesthetic doctor Sophie Shotter, so I’m inclined to believe that some serious research has gone into this cream.

The skin on our breast area is super stretchy to accommodate the size fluctuations we see as a result of pregnancy and periods, but this means it’s prone to stretch marks. Plus the elastin in the area declines fairly early, so it can’t hurt to give it a helping hand.

This silky cream was first launched in 2015, but has just been reformulated with five times more of the African plant kigelia africana, traditionally used in Africa by women on their breasts (it supports collagen and elastin production). The formula now also includes niacinamide to brighten the skin and banish age spots as well as natural soy peptides to help prevent sleep wrinkles.

It sinks into my décolletage like a dream – the area looks increasingly lined in the morning, which bothers me probably more than it should and this is helping to plump the skin and soothe my (shallow) worries.” Melanie Macleod, GTG digital writer

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