OK! Magazine features Meder Beauty Circa-Night Cream in the article on Biohacking!

OK! Magazine beauty director Lynne Hyland shares her weekly must-haves and beauty tips.

She writes:

Basically, I have the sort of brain that nudges me awake at 4am to pick over all the things I might have messed up that day (or ever, in fact), and in turn am rewarded with pasty, dry, knackered, grumpy skin in the morning. It’s not my imagination either; lack of sleep has been proven to accelerate ageing in all sorts of ways, whether it’s slowing DNA repair, reducing collagen production or wreaking havoc with the skin barrier.
This is where Meder Circa-Night, £98, steps in as, in its own words, “the first biohacking night cream for sleepless nights”.

I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and I do think my face looks fresher than it deserves whenever my whirring mind puts in
another nocturnal conference call at silly o’clock.