Fabulous British actor, Oscar-nominated Carey Mulligan swears by Meder Beauty Hydra-Fill Mask!

She shares her beauty tips, products and instruments from her beauty bag, gives a high praise to one of Meder Beauty Mask stockists in the USA, Joanna Czech, and reveals that her go-to mask before important events or shooting is Meder Beauty Hydra-Fill Mask.

It completely transforms your face, — confides lovely Ms Mulligan.

We at Meder Beauty couldn’t be more grateful for the praise.

Hydra-Fill Mask is loved not only by Carey Mulligan. Zac Posen, celebrity designer of fabulous handbags, swears he can’t live without them (we hear that Zac buys Hydra-Fill Masks from Knockout Beauty USA.

Celebrities love the effect of the mask, and you’ll love it too!

Hydra-Fill Mask features algae extract, tranexamic acid, deep sea water and peptide Skinasensyl. Unlike most sheet masks on the market, Hydra-Fill Mask is made of organic bamboo fibre able to soak up almost an oz. (whooping 28 ml) of active gel. This equals a whole 30 ml jar of concentrate applied to your skin in one go. Hydra-Fill Mask brightens, moisturises, plumps and fills the skin for an instantly radiant look.

A bride’s favourite right before the big day, Hydra-Fill Mask will give you this special pleasure of looking completely transformed in mere 20 minutes (and doing what you please during this time, as the mask stays put on your face fixated with clever loops around the ears!).

Meder Beauty is proud to name Oscar-nominated beautiful and ever classy Carey Mulligan among the fans of Hydra-Fill.

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Hydra-Fill Mask is available separately or as part of Hydra-Fill 3D Hydration Set for professional instant beauty Red Carpet-ready look celebrities adore. You can also buy Carey Mulligan’s favourite mask as a single sachet just to sample!