Dr Tiina Meder shares with Daily Mail readers her advice on skin care during isolation. 

In line with the government’s advice permitting exercise once a day, Dr Meder explained how daily movement is vital to help skin ‘glow’ and can even slow the ageing process. 

She said: ‘There are many reasons why staying indoors for a long period of time is bad for your skin. Firstly, our physical activity is limited and it can affect the whole body function. We need to move in order for our skin to glow. 

‘Aerobic activity helps to protect skin from free radicals, synthesise hyaluronic acid and can even slow down the ageing process. Oxygen intake is key for this to happen so move and work out daily, even if it’s just a little.’ 

Dr Meder said dust can also affect the skin and said it is advisable to aerate all rooms twice a day and to limit the use of candles.     

‘Finally, we need natural day light to produce endorphins and synchronise the rhythms of cells in our bodies,’ she said. 

‘A lack of natural light stimulation can lead to de-synchronisation of the body’s chronologic rhythms and cause sleep disruption. Try to take a walk once a day and sit next to a big window if you can, especially in the morning.’ 


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