Dr Tiina Meder interviewed by Huffington Post’s contributor, :

I am not afraid to say out loud that parabens have, in fact, been proven to be safe, highly effective and low allergenic, while their cost has next to no effect on the price of cosmetics. New preservatives are often more expensive than active ingredients, so when you buy a paraben-free cream, chances are you’re paying half the price for your cream’s long shelf life instead of its beneficial effect on your skin. A real eye-opener for many people is the fact that parabens are used as pharmaceutical preservatives, or that a few fresh organic strawberries, which take only a minute to consume, contain more parabens than the face cream you apply every day.

As for sunscreen, previous recklessness towards UV rays has turned into a proper panic and even heliophobia (morbid fear of sunlight), making people afraid to step into open sun even for a few minutes without sunscreen. It’s as if everyone suddenly got in their heads that humanity came from Saturn and will crumble to dust if a ray of sunlight hits their skin. In reality, we are all descended from people who were able to survive (and thrive) while spending hours in the sun.

Sure, it is necessary to protect skin from UV radiation, but it is just as necessary to remember that a certain amount of sunlight is vital for one’s health.