“Also harnessing the power of magnets is another Swiss brand (the Swiss really do understand advanced skin care!) Doctor-led Meder Beauty (by Dr Tiina Meder); the new formula of best-seller ‘Hydra-Fill Concentrate’ is said to restore the hydration functionality of the skin by more than a decade in just 2 weeks! Meder use the natural principle of magnets via the ionic activity of the Hydra-Fill ingredients to retain moisture on the surface and in the lipid spaces of the keratinous layer – that’s a lot of science to say, your skin looks instantly smoother and hydrated! The instant effects are great, but the long-term rehab for your skin to relearn old skills is phenomenal; the skin of a 50-year-old woman could be functioning like it was when they were 35-38 in just 10-14 days of use! After 1 week I could already vouch for its ability to destroy the tight feeling I sometimes had after the shower, but 2 weeks on I can safely say, I trust the power of Meder for skin rejuvenation! In short; magnets work. Besides that, it is such a pleasure to use – an almost water-like consistency which sinks refreshingly into the skin and doesn’t ‘roll’ off when you apply your makeup on top” — Danielle Hudson for Stylenest

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