Editor’s Beauty features Myo-Fix DIY Facial Kit, £350!

Lockdown may have resulted in many of us cancelling our botox sessions but that doesn’t mean we need to watch those angry frown lines reappear.

Meder’s Myo-Fix, is widely regard within the beauty industry, as one the world’s first non-injection wrinkles correction treatment that actually works. Using a combination of innovative neuro-modulating peptides that work in synergy, to immobilise mimic muscles in the forehead and around the eye area, frown lines and wrinkles are relaxed for visibly smoother skin and a fresher appearance.

Their Myo-Fix Facial Kit, is an at home version or their infamous in clinic 5-weeks treatment course. Safe and effective for both pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, this no-needle treatment kit includes Meder’s Enzy-Peel Double-Action Probiotics Mask, a probiotic enzyme exfoliation is suitable even for sensitive skin. The Myo-Fix Mask, a brightening and strain relieving mask for tense and stressed face with expression lines and last but not least, the Myo-Fix Concentrate.

Myo-Fix is also recommend to extend and maintain botox results without the side effects of injections.

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