“FACE MASKS ARE A traditional skincare solution always included in professional care programs and almost always present in professional grade ranges of home skincare. While there are traditional methods of their use where they are applied and then rinsed off, were now have new applications. Meder Beauty Science Lab (Switzerland) have five facial masks for home use. They employ special technology and innovative natural ingredients to formulate their sheet masks. The sheets of both home and professional skincare masks are made of Japanese yellow groove bamboo (Phyllostachys Aureosulcata Aureocaulis) fibre. This bamboo species is incredibly resistant to temperature changes and naturally elastic, which enables a 10-metre tall plant to withstand hurricanes with ease. Yellow groove bamboo fibre contains natural soothing and hydrating agents and is highly hygroscopic when dried. Bamboo cloth can retain a much larger amount of liquid than cellulose and other materials commonly used to make unwoven sheet masks.”

Aesthetic Practitioners Journal, Australia