On: Yorkshire Magazine features Myo-Fix Kit!

Come out of lockdown with smooth, serene face and healthy looking skin. Yes, our Myo-Fix DIY Kit is expensive, but it includes all you need for 5 clinical facials (once a week) and a full-size bottle of active concentrate to apply in-between facials. You won’t find a better deal than that.

We offer a range of 6 DIY facial kits for a variety of skin concerns.

Myo-Fix DIY Facial Kit is a fantastic, no-pain, safe and pleasant substitute for botox. If you are afraid of the injections, or pregnant/nursing, or simply cannot access your preferred clinic right now, Myo-Fix is for you. In 5 weeks it gives you results similar to those of botox injections (you may even find it more pleasant as you’d still have full control over your facial expression) which will last for up to 6-8 months. The added bonus is, unlike botox Myo-Fix is beneficial for your whole face and neck, not just smoothing the forehead area, but moisturising, brightening, nourishing and normalising the skin all over your face.

Eu-Seb DIY Facial Kit is a brilliant non-acid non-retinol solution for acne. Prebiotics have a strong and stable effect even on chronic adult acne, and Meder professionals all over the world have treated really complex acne cases with this tool. Again, it is pain and redness free, a pleasant way to normalise the skin, balance microbiome and make your face matte and smooth.

Red-Apax DIY Facial Kit brings relief to rosacea, redness and even menopausal flushes!

Arma-Lift DIY Facial Kit firms up and lifts ageing and mature skin, with fine lines and loss of elasticity. It’s all about plant-based stem cells and biotech growth factor (also plant-based and safe!).

Lipo-Oval DIY Facial Kit is for those with proneness to puffiness and in need of face sculpting. If you are on a post-lockdown weight-loss regime, this is the one for you! Not only does it enhance drainage of excess liquid and help split facial fat, but it also has age-defying effect and brightens the skin.

Finally, Hydra-Fill DIY Facial Kit is our hero product, used by stars and celebs in the UK and USA before important events and Red carpet outings. It includes Hydra-Fill Masks, which according to Britain’s very own Carey Mulligan completely transform your face in 20 minutes.

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