Meder Beauty DIY Facials — from skin clinic to your own bathroom! Enjoy a professional facial at home. Each kit contains all you need for 5 DIY Facials plus a full-size bottle of concentrate to use in-between your facials. Easy-to-use 6 step home skin treatment will help you make your skin healthier, control your skin concerns and feel good allowing yourself a nice weekly hour of self care!

Meder Beauty offers 6 DIY Facial Kits, for a variety of skin concerns. Arma-Lift DIY Facial is for ageing, mature skin to help it age well. Eu-Seb DIY Facial is for oily and problem skin — control acne with prebiotics! Hydra-Fill DIY Facial (including Hydra-Fill Mask loved by Oscar-nominated Carey Mulligan!) is the best moisturising and plumping at home treatment you can get for dry and dull skin. De-puffing Lipo-Oval DIY Facial will remove traces of quarantine indulgence by increasing drainage and splitting facial fat depots! Myo-Fix DIY Facial is Meder Beauty’s bestseller, based on the original no-needle treatment to substitute Botox. You can achieve mimic wrinkle control in-between injections or without them entirely! Finally, Red-Apax DIY Facial has proven effect on red skin, sensitivity and rosacea symptoms.

Choose the one that’s right for you or read more on each kit!