Red-Apax Concentrate instantly eliminates redness and discomfort


A radical solution for sensitive skin, Red-Apax Concentrate was created by our Swiss-based research team of microbiologists, biochemists and neurophysiologists. In 2021 Red-Apax was highly commended for rosacea treatment by Marie Claire Skin Awards.


The most common cause of skin redness is skin sensitivity. Sometimes you’re simply born with sensitive skin, but in many cases skin sensitivity is caused by stress, environmental pollution and the use of unsuitable or too aggressive skincare.

Redness can be a sign of inflammation! In this case you’ll also feel pain and the skin will be hot to touch in the inflamed area. Inflammation is typical for acne and some other skin conditions, such as erythema. Redness, often quite vivid and persistent, can be a symptom of rosacea.

In most cases rosacea-related redness looks symmetrical and spreads over the central part of the face, including nose and sometimes forehead and eyelids. This skin condition requires consulting a dermatologist and medical treatment.

Red skin can also be caused by irritation and skin injury, for example from excessive use of exfoliants, primarily with AHA/BHA. The use of brushes and mechanical devices for skin cleansing can lead to irritation too. Finally, an overly zealous or unwarranted application of retinol is a common cause of persistent redness and increased skin sensitivity.


When you apply Red-Apax, you’ll notice the almost instant soothing effect and drastically reduced redness. These benefits result from a special ingredient, Albatrellus ovinus or Northern truffle extract.

Traditional medicine in Scandinavia has been using it since the times of the Vikings.

Present day research established that the extract of this incredible fungus contains agents able to stop inflammation and block the skin receptors of heat, pain and itching taking away pain and discomfort.



Microbiome is all bacteria, fungi, viruses living on our skin and inside our body. Some of them are beneficial, others less so, but the most important thing is to maintain a healthy balance of your microflora.

Microbiome disorders play an important part in the development of skin sensitivity.

To restore microbiome health and diversity, Red-Apax Concentrate contains prebiotic BioEcolia and probiotic Lactobacillus normalising the skin microflora and correcting virtually any imbalance.



The extract of Polymnia sonchifolia or yacon (Mexican water chestnut) is also a powerful prebiotic able to promote microbiome diversity and health.

On top of this, yacon extract has strong antioxidant effect, soothes inflamed angry skin and moisturises it.

Sensitive skin is often unable to retain moisture, with regular application yacon extract helps increase the skin’s own natural water-retaining ability.



Sensitive skin hates contrasting sensations. Avoid both too cold and too hot water when you wash your face. If you love a hot shower or bath, at least keep your face out of hot water.


Harsh cleansing can increase skin sensitivity and redness. It is very important that your cleanser has pH close to 5.5. Your best choice is a gentle microbiome-friendly solution. Try our Net-Apax Prebiotic Cleansing Mask!


Brushes, sponges, loofa and such are common causes of skin damage. Excessive rubbing and scrubbing with even the softest sponge removes the skin’s natural protection. Avoid using these for skin cleansing.


People with sensitive skin are at higher risk of skin allergy. European studies show, that an average woman applies 126 cosmetic ingredients to her face every day. Fewer ingredients — less risk. Use only skincare you actually need.


For sensitive skin we recommend the following regime: prebiotic cleansing + calming serum + neuroconcentrate + prebiotic cream. If you follow this recommendation, you would only be applying 48 well-balanced and perfectly compatible ingredients to your face. Your skin will thank you for that!


All skin experts agree that smoking worsens skin condition in rosacea patients and increases the sensitivity of healthy skin. One of the many reasons to quit smoking today!


Redness and discomfort are reduced immediately after application.


Prebiotic and probiotic restore healthy microbiome controlling inflammation and sensitivity.


Northern truffle extract blocks skin receptors responsible for redness and discomfort.


Quick relief and prevention of hot flashes in women going through menopausal transition.


Margo Wojcik Meder Expert


Meder Beauty Expert, Belgium
Margo Beauty Care Deluxe

I’ve been working as a skin therapist for 6 years now, and I have seen a lot of different skin problems. The worst of them and hardest to treat were sensitivity, rosacea and persistent erythema. I’ve tried many different brands of skincare but I couldn’t solve these problems 100% for my clients, because there was nothing that worked immediately and provided lasting results. Even though my clients always said they were happy with the results, I know it wasn’t how it’s supposed to be and it made me feel bad. When I performed Red-Apax treatment for the first time I was shocked to see the results. After ONE treatment you could see the difference before and after!
This product contains natural ingredients that calm the skin from the inside and work against inflammation.
Red-Apax treatment is also recommended after chemical peelings, lasers and treatments that can damage the skin.
These results are also long lasting with the correct use of home care products from Meder Beauty Science that I recommend to each client individually.
Now I can share my happiness with my clients.

Ekaterina Rakhanskaya Meder Expert


Chief Science Editor
Cosmetic & Medicine Publishing House Ltd

I’ve been trying to find proper care for my skin for many years, but nothing was good enough. Everything started from dryness, then increasing sensitivity added. I couldn’t wash my face with pure water without feeling itchy — even one tiny drop on my skin felt like a small acid burn. The next level was redness — at the beginning it was transient, but then started to get rather persistent, even permanent. Especially when I was nervous or didn’t get enough sleep — it could stay for few days accompanied by itching too.
Only Red-Apax, just one single mask gave great relief for my irritated skin. Then I’ve undergone a complete course of professional Red-Apax Treatments, while also applying Soin-Apax Serum twice a day, and all my redness and itching were gone. I can wash my face with water now! I haven’t been able do this for many years. Even when I don’t have enough sleep or getting nervous or shy, I can keep my game face on and don’t turn into red boiling pot — my skin feels much calmer then I actually feel inside.
Moreover, Meder Beauty Science masks are very handy — I can have them on while doing something active and don’t have to waste time lying on a couch just to keep the mask from falling off of my face.

Tatiana Shalagina Meder Expert


Meder Beauty Expert, Ukraine
Skinstory Beauty Salon

Meder is a truly unique brand and I especially love it for the way it is different from all others. It achieves equally perfect results both with salon treatments and home care. Meder products are suitable for all skin types and conditions, but they are especially great for people who suffer from sensitivity, rosacea and couperosis. The products are totally safe, even during pregnancy and breastfeeding. I have many clients who can’t tolerate active but rather aggressive ingredients, such as acids or retinol; and thanks to Meder I can offer them brilliant anti-age therapy without any side effects. And finally I must point out that Meder is a very honest brand and all their claims are supported by strong scientific background. I have absolute confidence in all Meder Beauty products, ingredients and their ultimate benefits for my clients.

When Red-Apax Treatment was first introduced, I was excited. I’ve got many clients with sensitive skin, post laser and retinol treatment, and a few with persistently red skin. I was not disappointed! Red-Apax calmed red angry skin after the very first treatment and was very comfortable for the patient. I can’t wait for the new home care concentrate and other new offerings from Meder in the future.


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